Will my health ins. react negatively if I develop memory trouble?

I’m going to be fifty in a couple of weeks. Lately, my memory and ability to concentrate, which have never been great, are becoming worse. My mom has Alzheimer’s, and it’s a great fear of mine that I’ll develop it and lose my mind, too.

So I’d like to have health coverage later on in life when I need it. My question is, if I go to my M.D. now to discuss my memory and concentration trouble, will the insurance company flag me somehow and treat this as a “pre-existing condition” or something a few years down the road? Something like this would cause me to delay going to the doc about it. Also, will my employer get wind of it if I discuss it with my doctor? I know that physicians and their employees are not to discuss medical records with anyone, but I also know that in real life, things happen. Who has better info on this?

I beleive that it depends upon the insurance company and thier relationship to the employer. I know because I was recently diagonsed with diabetes and a short time later my company nurse started sending information on diabetes. :dubious: They even went so far as to remind me that it was my responsibility to continue treatment.

Sorry to hear about your condition.

Good Lord! That can’t be legal - can it? What state are you in?