Will Penn State Sanctions Alter B10 (Notre Dame)

If Penn State gets hammered for an extended length of time, any chance this will end up with Penn State getting jettisoned and ND taking their place?

This would allow them to do it without expanding B10 further.

Not sure ND has any interest in being in the B1G. If they did, I’m sure that the conference would have worked out some sort of accomodation before now…like not taking Nebraska.

It seems the landscape is changing more frequently lately and I don’t know how ND feels about long term being an independent and new BCS, etc.

So I was just googling around and I see that there are lots of reports of ND going to Big12, which surprised me. Not sure what to make of that.

ND to the Big 12 is Texas’ wishful thinking.

More googling reveals ND talking about tie in with orange bowl, also they aren’t guaranteed a BCS spot if ranked >=8 with new rules…maybe now they would be more interested than the were previously.

ND hasn’t had an automatic qualification for being ranked >=8 at any point since the last restructuring in 2006, and before then, I think it was top 10 got them a bid. Financially, they’d make more money in the Big Ten. But it seems they’re holding out for something groundbreaking if they’re going to finally join a conference - I think the rumor of pairing up with Texas and pulling in some of the other independents and Big 12 teams for a superconference is going to be the threshold for their participation.

One of the big sticking points is ND’s requirement for a pretty open schedule - they really want to keep Navy, Michigan and USC on every single year (with Purdue and Boston College probably being relegated to every other year if something develops).

Would the Big 1G be interested in Cincinnati, considering the Big East if falling apart?

No way ND ever joins a football conference. They have their own network deal that they get to keep all by themselves. With the college football caste system, they will get in any playoff with a perfect season.

No way to Cincinnati in the Big Ten. The conference takes its academics very seriously, and if you aren’t an AAU member at the time of admission, you aren’t getting in. Missouri would be a better choice and would love a promotion to the Big Ten from the SEC. Pitt would be another good choice.

PSU isn’t going anywhere, pending the sanctions that are imposed tomorrow.

Despite what it currently looks like since they took on Nebraska, the Big 10 seems to still hold on to their connection to the AAU - and Cincinnati isn’t that strong academically (compared to those big giant state schools (and Northwestern) in the Big 10).

ND’s network deal isn’t anything even close to what the worst schools in the Big 10 get from the Big Ten Network.

There was this, Iowa’s Mason on Penn State: Big Ten, too, might punish Penn State

A lateral for better geography, maybe.

I will be floored if the Big Ten does anything to hurt themselves financially.

I think that’s why they are waiting for the NCAA. if the NCAA hammers PSU, the Big Ten can throw a few things on top of the pile that will probably get lost in the bigger picture.

But in order for them not to be completely hypocritical, the B10 must do something. and in my opinion, they should hit PSU hard. Putting them on probation for the conference, with a chance to lose membership could be one the NCAA can’t do.

I should’ve just asked if Cincy was in the AAU (as I originally planned).

When the NBC deal expires, they can make their own channel. I think in the long run, they can beat anyone for television revenue.

Pairing up with Texas may not be a bad idea - they don’t overlap all that much on fanbase, and there’d be twice the content. I don’t think ND alone could justify an entire network. Can they?

If anyone can, it’s ND. Even mighty Texas can’t match them for a national fan base. Put them in the Big Ten, and the BTN goes on every cable network nationwide. Ditto for any conference they might join.

I am pretty sure a conference can not just expel a school like that. Those decisions are made by the leadership of the schools collectively. The Big Ten is going to add some penalties to Penn State on top of what the NCAA did, but you might’ve noticed that the commissioner of the Big Ten recently asked for the authority to fire a school’s coach and the schools rejected the idea.

The Big Ten has opened the doors for ND several times. Nothing has changed to make it more attractive to them; in fact the opposite. Joining a Texas conference makes even less sense.

And now that the Big Ten has just added Nebraska and reorganized into two equal divisions, they are probably going to stand pat for a while.

My understanding is that a vote of 70% of the conference’s Council of Presidents is sufficient to expel a school. Big Ten Commiissioner Jim Delany apparently said this had been discussed.

I’ve always heard that the nine charter schools* cannot be expelled without their consent, but that rule may have changed. Now I’m curious enough to look into it.

*i.e. excluding Michigan State, Penn State and Nebraska.

Delaney said in his press conference today that this doesn’t change their current view towards expansion, which is to say, they are not currently interested in or exploring expansion. But if Father Jenkins of Notre Dame cold-called Delaney with some sort of package deal with another great AAU institution, I doubt Delaney would hang up the phone, but the likelihood of such a package deal is rather slim. I have a feeling ND eventually ends up playing in some sort of post-Big East/ACC super conference.

It is somewhat unfortunate from a competitive standpoint that soon-to-be awful PSU and historically awful Indiana are both in the same division (though perhaps not if you are a Bucky or Buckeye fan).