Will Switching To Briefs Keep My Balls From Sagging?

Will switching from boxers to briefs prevent the elongation of the scrotum that occurs with old age? I don’t want to be walking around with ‘knee-knockers’ when I’m 50, so I would hope that the added support of briefs will prevent this.

Does wearing a bra keep women’s breasts from sagging- or at least slow down the progression? I would think that the same principles apply.


I think your biggest problem may be your knuckles dragging on the ground, but keep the gloves on and we should all be ok.

Re the breasts: yes.

Re the scrotum: I don’t know, but I do know that breasts tend to weigh a heck of a lot more than testicles do.

You’ve evidently never seen me with my shorts off.

(SOMEBODY was going to say it)

Yes, as long as you keep your briefs filled with ice cubes.

when you get to 50 why not take up a spot of cricket and invest in a box, keep thoes testicles nice and neat!


as a 50 y.o. i take umbrage!

whilst not quite as good as viagra it keeps the juices flowing.

but seriously folks, it all depends on overall fitness. if you
remain taut and terrific all will hang properly regardless
of boxers, briefs, thongs, or FREEDOM!

don’t let the 'nads atrophy thru lack of use and you’ll only have
all the worries of growing older:
prostate problems, benign or otherwise
testicular cancer
retrograde ejaculation
pissing every 2 hours
no power when you piss
being called grandpa by the young gels

Standing nekkid in a snowbank would probably cure most atrophy problems more efficiently than any underwear.

I don’t like the pressure applied to my testicles that briefs so often submit. It makes them hurt more often than not. I like boxers for the freedom, but am not liberal enough to go free-ballin’.

But the sagging issue would be a big deal, I guess. Keep up with the exercise, I suppose…but make sure that your boys are comfortable and not in any pain (read: don’t wear briefs, yo)…as that is more important than if they hang or not.

Not much help, I deem. NJK

Wha† on earth are you talking about? Briefs constrict everything, raise the temperature too much & are ill advised. Tighty Whities are out. Low hangers are a sign of good health, at least as far as you balls are concerned. Wear boxers, or go commando!

Sagging? What do you mean sagging? You’ve got low hangers? That’s a good thing! Enjoy it, many are not so lucky.

I wonder if there’s a marketing opportunity begging here – a kind of mini bra with egg cup sized…err…cups and nice, frilly edges. Then you could scoop up the sagging items and strap 'em to your lower belly – probably look pretty appealing standing akimbo at Club Med.

Nice idea, but wrong gender. Unless you’re an advocate of testicular cancer. Let 'em flap in the breeze! Now, THAT would turn heads at Club Med.