Will the candidates hint at their cabinet choices as part of the campaign?

If I recall correctly Bush had pretty much made it clear that Powell was going to be his Secretary of State as part of his campaign push and that was a very reassuring item to many who were uncomfortable with Bush’s lack of a foreign policy record. (And so much for that, eh?)

Will either McCain or Obama attempt to do the same (other than by their VP choices) by letting it be known that they have a powerful economic figure tapped already to be part of their cabinet or somebody from the other side of the aisle to work with them getting things done, for examples?

If so, who do you think will be the names that get dropped?

I can see Bloomberg for either of them. Hagel for Obama. I do not see a place for Lieberman in a McCain cabinet. I wonder if Gore would be tappable by Obama as Sec of Energy as a means of getting his agenda actualized (even though I think that his agenda is actually unrealistic). VP he didn’t want, but Sec of Energy? He might bite.

Any thoughts of your own?

Arlen Specter - AG
Hillary Clinton - HEW
Bill Richardson - SecState

ETA: Obviously, under Obama

HEW was changed years ago. There is a Secretary of Education and a Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sorry. I’m old. I can’t remember theres’s no Czechoslovakia either. Good thing I’m not running for President! :smiley:

I think Hillary would rather stay in the Senate than end up as HHS Secretary.