Will the SDMB slow to a crawl/crash tomorrow?

No offense to the staff, but I say probably yes.
I’d love to be wrong, though.

We had ‘running commentary’ threads during the primaries and the site didn’t crash, although some threads in GD got very busy. Not everybody can be in every thread at the same time, so… we’ll see how it goes. I won’t be following online, I know that much. I’ll be hosting a party.

Well, just in case it does crash, I will post now what I had planned to post tomorrow: I am having my first glass of champagne in 14 years to celebrate. ***If ***he takes it, that is. (still cuddling my chickens, too nervous to break out the abacus).

The gloating might crash it.

You have my personal guarantee that everything will be just fi

I don’t think Bricker could do all that by himself.

Well, granted we’re on different hardware and software than we were 7 years ago, but it didn’t crash during the madness of 9/11*, when we were all constantly posted and refreshing. Hopefully it’ll handle this.

*And thank God, because most of the news sites were overwhelmed, and the best updates we were getting were on the board.

So far it hasn’t.

By tomorrow do you mean today or tomorrow?

Nah. How many different threads can there be for one election day?

I logged on about an hour ago. Since then I’ve gotten 1 “page load error - Connection Interrupted - The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading” and 1 “database error”.


Same here. A handful of “database errors” and at least as many “connection reset by peer”

We may be on new hardware here, but I can personally attest to what can happen when you get shiny new servers and load balancers and someone forgets to tell the middleware about the ability to handle upwards of 200 users at once, and your new server farm is limited to four concurrent users. Oops…

Not that Jerry would have made a goof like that, but it’s not impossible.