Will there be a clown in the sky...for me?

Click and enjoy:


And somebody’s actually bid on it!

That is mucho wierd, though…

A $559,000 bid? Damn. So, any of you rich dopers going for it?

You would think that for $559,000, you could buy some new clown stuff. :slight_smile:
(or a really big clown statue)
(heck, you could start a clown college)

…hang on… uhh… I got a red nose here… YEAH! And, uh… here’s a bicycle horn honk honk!… and… wait, here’s some half-eaten caramel corn… never mind…

…wait wait!! My dad’s old drinking jacket. It’s red with white checks, and…

continue rummaging through old trunks

I did a little investigating and found this auction has been run several AND the same person posting the minimum bid, but not going over the reserve (and, thus, not being required to pay). There’s another one where someone is trying to auction what appears to be one of the bass guitars used the the movie *This Is Spinal Tap[/i}. The same auction, the same opening bid ($38,000), the same opening bidder, the same result: no sale.