Will they invoke the 25th Amendment?

I strongly object to be called a Trumpist, and that my proposal is worse than a Trump policy – then being warned for making a personal insult. Clearly Northern Piper did not understand my post. He was clearly offended before this exchange when he posted this:

To which I made a long and detailed response indicating that I did believe Trump was guilty of crimes and why at this point, I was fed up enough to support pursuing them now rather than letting a flunky do so after the inauguration. Piper has accused me of wanting to use unfounded criminal accusations for a political cause rather than my true intention of wanting to file well founded criminal accusations because I believe Trump to be a criminal. (I further see Trump’s purposeful and obstinate lack of cooperation in a transition he fully knows will transpire as a criminal act in itself.) Northern_Piper has also called me a Trumpist. A designation I find unfounded and offensive.

I believe if anyone has been personally insulted it was me.

As far as I am concerned, Northern_Piper can acknowledge he misread my post and apologize for accusing me falsely, or admit there was some other motivation for his remarks. I will admit I had not considered the possibility it was an honest mistake after the second time it was brought up.

As to the thread contents, like most posters so far, I believe there is very little hope the 25 Amendment will be enacted at this point. I also believe that allowing Trump to continue to damage the institutions of the United States Government for the next two months is not an ideal circumstance either. That is why I suggested explaining to Trump these criminal acts will not be ignored by the future administration if they go any further. Anyone is welcome to disagree with me. No one is welcome to say that my suggestions are as bad as Trump’s actual behavior, nor to call me a Trumpist.

I believe I have said all I have to say here.