Will they invoke the 25th Amendment?

Nope. Republican poliicians are perfectly happy destroying the country, as long as they personally get to stay in power, and they are making money.

And the deficit. THE DEFICIT! Biden will be responsible for that on the 21st, as it will suddenly become important again.

But didn’t I hear some intelligence talking head pointing out that the delay in letting that Bush get Intel briefings, during his lengthy election kerfuffle, definitely negatively impacted preparedness for 911.

That sounds like a pretty good argument for keeping the commander in chief up to speed.
(Sorry I can’t remember where I read or saw this!)

Well fraud for one.

Technically, sharing any privileged information would be a violation of her oath I am led to believe. Once the results are certified I don’t know, but I assume he will be cleared in an official sense at that point. But they need to avoid any appearance that she failed to uphold her security clearance and the best way to do that is not to share secrets.

Fraud against whom? Cite?

For the current crop of Republican politicians… this is a GOOD THING. It’s good if someone actively tries to harm the country, as long as it can be blamed on a Democrat.

That’s who these Republican politicians are now.

You are advocating that the criminal law power, one of the most significant and intrusive powers of a government, should be used for political purposes, not because a crime has been committed. You want to unleash the criminal law on a family, not by saying that crimes have been committed, but to force them to concede politically, “for the good of the nation”, as defined by you.

You’re justifying it by saying you’re really serious about it, unlike Trump was. That actually makes your proposal far worse.

That we are even having this discussion shows how much poison Trump has unleashed into the body politic. If the use of the criminal law power to achieve political goals is now an accepted political tactic, Trumpism has won, and you are a Trumpist.

Because he has committed crimes. Lots of them constantly.
I have moved to a place where I no longer want to endure his bullshit and I am fine with using criminal charges to save the lives of tens of thousands of lives. As an added bonus that course of action would allow the Executive Branch of our government to begin to function in a more traditional and effective manner.

Your assertions that I am worse than Trump – and that I am a Trumpist do not sit well with me sir. Having dealt with bullies and conmen over the course of my lifetime have indicated to me there is a time to stop the nonsense, take a stand, and refuse to be victimized. For me, that time is now. You of course are welcome to disagree.

You are either being deliberately obtuse, or you are being a troll. Of course I believe crimes have been committed and I no longer believe politely shaking my head in a disapproving manner while grimacing is the best course of action.

My cite for his guilt is that on a witness stand it does not seem that the phrase “fake news” is a viable defense. Perhaps you did not read my entire post above where I state that as well as being a threat to accomplish a short term goal – it is also 100% true and a reasonable response to a person misusing his power and causing serious and irreversible damage. I believe misusing power and causing serious damage is a crime if that was not clear to you.

I find your assertion that I even suggested I believed Trump was NOT guilty of committing a crime, but I wanted him prosecuted to accomplish political goals to be insulting and absurd. On the contrary, I believe he has been guilty of multiple criminal acts and that I am no longer advocating letting it go and focusing on working around the obstruction. On the contrary, I am saying now part of moving forward needs to include bringing bad actors to justice while addressing huge and complicated challenges. The very act of compounding the challenges is likely criminal. It is in my view.

“The party” doesnt choose the nominee, the voters do. If the Party had chosen, it wouldnt have been trump.

I am on record in other threads saying Biden should stay on the high road and not pursue legal action against Trump. There are plenty of other entities who are going to drag Trumps ass into court. But now I say Trump’s actions are so evil and dangerous they are criminal and they need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

WHO is going to bell the cat, hmmm?

My cite is that invoking “fake news” is not as good a defense in court as it is on the stump. The fact that Trump is telling lies he knows to be lies in order to profit seems rather self evident to me.

[quote=“Keeve, post:1, topic:925658, full:true”]
In my view, regardless of who I voted for, it is pretty scary to think that on January 20, Biden will be thrown into situations that have been developing, and - because of Trump - he doesn’t have a good grasp of what’s been going on.
[/quote]Biden was in the Senate fir years, and then spent 8 years as Vice-President. He’s got a far better grasp of what’s going on than most Presidents-elect.

And regarding briefings, the people who would be giving those briefings are long-term government employees – they want their departments to do well, and, even more, they want to retain their jobs.

Do they think doing as lame-duck Trump wants will help them keep their jobs in a Biden-Harris administration?

So I expect that 2nd-level career people in those departments are quietly, unofficially getting the needed information to the Biden team right now. I’m not worried. A Biden administration, even an un-briefed one, couldn’t mess up more than Trump did.

Soooo, you want we should start the entire conversation over from the very beginning just because it is you asking the questions now?

There’s good reason they are concerned.

Trump’s Refusal to Aid Biden Transition Mirrors Pre-9/11 Vulnerability

The bipartisan 9/11 Commission in 2002 identified the delayed presidential transition at the beginning of the previous year as one of the causes behind what amounted to the most consequential terrorist attack this century. And it specified that outgoing administrations must help prepare their successors to prevent another “catastrophic attack that could occur with little or no notice.”

Expecting Republicans to do the right thing unless it’s clearly in their interests is placing hope in a mirage. Hell, even if it IS clearly in their interests. And given that they won’t even admit that Biden’s won the election, expecting them to take the much more bold move of invoking the 25th is like expecting a couch potato to win the Boston Marathon.

Instead of hoping the Pubbies invoke the 25th, how about if the Dems impeach? On what grounds, you ask. On the grounds of the >100,000 Americans who are likely to die of Covid between now and the inauguration, not to mention the quarter-million already dead.

No hearings, just vote, and issue a simple message to Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence:

“Over 100,000 more Americans are going to die of Covid-19 between now and the inauguration. You know Donald Trump will do nothing to stop this. We are giving you an opportunity to show what allegedly sane, responsible Republicans can do in a crisis. Take it or leave it. Your move.”

They could also mention things like Trump’s current attempt to start a war with Iran as additional reason that it’s a bad idea to leave him in place until January 20. But other than that, keep it simple.

Of course this would never happen, more’s the pity. Because they would refuse that opportunity, as sure as the sun rises in the east, and demonstrate the vacuousness of Republican leadership when the chips are down.

It’s def a dangerous game for America to play, not intel briefing the new guy. Loudly and publicly announcing your government is in actual chaos. Especially after the Trump has pissed off so many, started so many fires all over the world. How do you NOT feel extremely vulnerable for the next 10 weeks?

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone in America is better positioned to manage this no/low cooperation transition/shitshow. Joe spent 8 yrs in the White House, and has been highly regarded in Washington for decades, by both teams to some degree. And the intelligence community has to be itching to be rid of Trump, in my opinion. With Kamala connected to intelligence community as well, I think it’s safe to say there’s a LOT of back channel info flowing. Not that anyone would let on, but that’s my best wild ass guess.

Modhat: Warning for a personnel insult. No way around it. Giving him a choice not withstanding.

This thread needs to be less about each other and more about the contents of posts. This is not the Pit.

I strongly object to be called a Trumpist, and that my proposal is worse than a Trump policy – then being warned for making a personal insult. Clearly Northern Piper did not understand my post. He was clearly offended before this exchange when he posted this:

To which I made a long and detailed response indicating that I did believe Trump was guilty of crimes and why at this point, I was fed up enough to support pursuing them now rather than letting a flunky do so after the inauguration. Piper has accused me of wanting to use unfounded criminal accusations for a political cause rather than my true intention of wanting to file well founded criminal accusations because I believe Trump to be a criminal. (I further see Trump’s purposeful and obstinate lack of cooperation in a transition he fully knows will transpire as a criminal act in itself.) Northern_Piper has also called me a Trumpist. A designation I find unfounded and offensive.

I believe if anyone has been personally insulted it was me.

As far as I am concerned, Northern_Piper can acknowledge he misread my post and apologize for accusing me falsely, or admit there was some other motivation for his remarks. I will admit I had not considered the possibility it was an honest mistake after the second time it was brought up.

As to the thread contents, like most posters so far, I believe there is very little hope the 25 Amendment will be enacted at this point. I also believe that allowing Trump to continue to damage the institutions of the United States Government for the next two months is not an ideal circumstance either. That is why I suggested explaining to Trump these criminal acts will not be ignored by the future administration if they go any further. Anyone is welcome to disagree with me. No one is welcome to say that my suggestions are as bad as Trump’s actual behavior, nor to call me a Trumpist.

I believe I have said all I have to say here.