Will they invoke the 25th Amendment?

I agree. Trump is afraid to fight anyone directly. Rather than fighting, he complains about how somebody else should take up the fight against his opponents. His MO is “If somebody attacks you, you whine ten times louder.”

What somebody should be doing is selling Trump the narrative that he was betrayed by the Republicans. I think it would be an easy sell; Trump believes he had the Democrats beat so he won’t ever admit to himself that he lost to them. But the idea that he lost because he was stabbed in the back by his own subordinates (which is how he sees the Republican party) is something he can believe.

With very little effort, we could have Trump attacking the Republican party and telling his followers to never vote for a Republican. The Republicans just spent four years enabling Trump; they deserve to have their own monster turned against them.

I suppose that was really on display when he tore apart some of the WH Press Corps for not reporting on the biggest scandal ever perpetrated by an American president [Obama]. When asked, of course, he couldn’t provide any details and simply replied that the reporters know exactly what he’s talking about or told them to go an read the newspaper. It’s not even that he didn’t have proof, he didn’t even have an accusation. But he wanted all the reporters and media and the public chasing their tails trying to figure out what he’s talking about. In theory, a win win for him. If someone finds something, great, if they don’t, it kept them all looking the other way while he was busy doing something else he shouldn’t be doing.

In fact, I’ve read in one or two places that the fact that the majority of Trump’s lies are purely for distraction is a good reason for journalists not to push any harder and spend any too much time or resources on them. Don’t let him distract you with his BS, cut through it so you can see what he’s hiding.

Okay it took me a while but I think I have a better answer that I only alluded to:

I think his followers are rather easily manipulated sheep who are afraid and angry about it and always, always, always motivated by the the most base of motives. I think the party can get them to turn on Trump pretty easily. Just create a better narrative (he was never a believer, he never built the wall, he betrayed you when he …, he doesn’t have Pence to keep him grounded in the faith this time, candidate XYZ has all of Trump’s strengths but he is a true Christian with genuine family values). Perhaps they could even teach his followers to use a four word chant!
“Trump let us down!”
“Trump let us down!”

I don’t think that’s accurate, in light of the number of lawsuits Trump has been involved with in his business dealings.

They didn’t have much luck with attacking him during the 2015-16 primary season.

My bold.

There’s that ol’ debbil passive voice. You left out the important part. WHO is going to tell him, hmmm?

Well, I did specifically type the words “let his lawyers run out the clock” in the post you quoted. Yes, he “Fights” in court. HE doesn’t fight though, he just gets his lawyers to tie people up in court, and he has a long, long history of settling lawsuits if the person/business he’s fighting in court actually has the means to fight back.

What appetite for fighting as Trump ever shown as President? Honestly, you tell me. Did the border wall ever happen? No, that was too hard a fight. Health care reform? Nope. Advances in terms of international relations? Trump succeeds only in sucking the wangs of the dictators he wants to appease. He’s managed to cancel some treaties, I guess, but that’s not a fight. He managed to replace NAFTA with… a treaty that is approximately 99.5% NAFTA. Wheeeee. The biggest battle of his Presidency was against COVID-19 and he does nothing. It’s too hard.

There’s the old cliche in politics that you pivot to the extreme to win the primary then you pivot back to the center to win the general election.

Trump didn’t do anything brilliant during his campaign to win the nomination. He just told the biggest and dumbest lies. The other Republican candidates held back because they understood that they were going to have to walk back anything they said during the primaries if they got the nomination.

It worked for Trump in the primaries. By appealing to the deplorables, he won the nomination and became the Republican candidate. (Reflect on what this says about the Republican party.)

In a sane political system, that would have been the apogee of Trump’s political career. By appealing to the worst elements of our political spectrum, he offended the majority of Americans who were not deplorable. That majority voted against Trump, which should have caused him to lose the election. But our political system is designed so a Republican candidate can come in second place and be declared the winner.

We need to fix our political system so the sane majority isn’t subject to the insane minority.

They didn’t actually work at turning his own sycophants against him then. Besides he is more of a known quantity now and he LOST TO BIDEN!! (The worst candidate ever!)

Many cannot be turned, and some Republicans will be willing to ride the tiger’s tail. But selling the Evangelical Right on Trump being a molester who grabs women by the privates WILL move votes away. (They denied it for him because he was already their nominee. Next time he will never get the chance!)

The incoming administration. Specifically, anyone being considered for Attorney General. I would recommend Robert Mueller. He said before it wasn’t fair because Trump could not defend himself in his role as POTUS, let Mueller put on his cleats and take some batting practice before Trump is out of office.

That no collusion defense might not hold up so well when Mitch McConnell is the whole judge and jury. Biden can suggest Cyrus Vance Jr. is in the running for AG. The Biden campaign can send a telegram to the White House today that states:
“The incoming administration will consider any further delay in FULL cooperation of the GSA with Presidential Transition after Tuesday, 17 November 2020 at 10:00 am EST to be a criminal act and possibly treasonous. If cooperation is not announced by the time mentioned above – any and all bad actors will be prosecuted to fullest limit of the law and may be expect to be placed under arrest as of 2:00pm EST on 20 January 2021.”

Let it be known through unofficial channels that as a gift to his almost 80 million voters, Biden is going to let them watch the entire Trump family and several senior advisers be “perp walked” in handcuffs to awaiting vans where they will be transported to an arraignment for their crimes against The United States. The thing is, Trump will believe it because that is exactly what he would do if he could.

they won’t get rid of a guy whose dick is in their mouth. Including some women

So, politician saying “Lock 'em up!”

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The only difference of course is that Trump was beating a tin pot to only make noise and draw attention. No one he ever wanted to lock up was guilty of anything.

On he other hand by delaying the transition process is actually hurting the security of the nation and might lead to the death of fifty or a hundred thousand additional people due to not cooperating on the Corona Virus.

Trump and company have dropped dozens of lawsuits and they know without doubt there was no fraud and the election results are true and unassailable. I am pretty sure that continuing to foster a lie that allows thousands of innocent citizens to die is illegal and actionable. If it is not, it sure as hell ought to be.

As I mentioned in my first post in this thread, I was willing to go along and give Trump a chance to realize the truth of the matter. Now it is stupid and dangerous and he damn well knows for a fact he is in the wrong and he is just being a dick about things because he is pretty sure he can get away with it. Bullshit – lock him up!!

When I wrote

That was to show it would be effective — not because it wasn’t true or should ONLY be a threat. He will believe it and understand it so it will be completely effective. But it is also true and at sometime, because Trump will never do the decent (let along the right) thing it may need to happen for the sake of those being victimized by Trump’s insistence upon being obstructionist, petty, and reckless. It is not meant to be an empty threat to make insane sycophants feel empowered in this case. It is a reasonable response to a situation caused by a person clearly misusing his power and causing serious and unreversible damage.

Of course that is just my opinion, but I believe it is 100% true. Trump is on his way out – it is long passed time when he should be allowed to cause more problems because of his very temporary position. Especially problems on this scale.

If Trump IS arrested and charged it WILL fill my heart with joy. But that is not why I want it to happen. I want him to be threatened and if necessary arrested for the good of the nation. The only unfortunate thing is they really don’t have power to do that until they are already in power. If Trump is going to be obstinate and uncooperative until then the most the incoming administration can do is warn Trump. But like all good warnings it should be followed up on if not heeded.

A question: As Kamala Harris sits on the Intelligence Committee, is she allowed to share anything with Joe, or does he have to wait until the transition of power has begun?

For your eyes only

The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution says that if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President becomes the President. This can happen for just a little while, if the President is just sick or disabled for a short time.

Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution …



Thank you! That’s what I thought. It sucks that iDJT won’t concede, because it seems that there’s a little bit of a virus in the air that requires Joe’s attention.

Which Senator was going to do that? Cite, please.

Which criminal law do you believe the President is violating?

His name is James Lankford.