Will this 1st gen Apple remote work with anything?

I just found an unopened first generation Apple remote (short and white with white buttons and black on one end).

I can’t remember now what device it came with. In wondering if it will still work with anything—provides it hasn’t already died just from being left sealed in the packet for several years.

We have an Apple TV 3rd gen, 2 MacBook Pros (1 almost 3 years old and one 5-6 years old), 2 iPhone 5s, 1 iPad (probably 5 or so years old).

Wiki answers your questions

You quoted my entire OP, but you couldn’t quote any portion of that Wikipedia article that answers the question?

Works with the older TVs and any Mac that has an infrared port, not sure when they ditched those. I think it also does something with the new Apple TV, but obviously it’s going to be limited relative to the fancy new remote.

Well, the new and the old one seem to have pretty much the same input options, and the obvious inputs are the only ones I’ve ever used.

… I take that back—the old one is missing the “select” button. Hmm … interesting.