Will Tim Tebow make a good NFL QB?

I’m watching Florida/Georgia today. As a UF alum, I have a vested interest in the game (Go Gators! UGA=gator bait!)

My question concerns UF quarterback Tim Tebow’s chances of making it at the next level. Last year, he won the Heisman, largely due to his skill as both a runner and a passer. But while he’s demonstrated his competence as a passer, he’s mainly a running back with a strong throwing arm.

That’s good for the Gator’s offense, which likes to utilize the single wing (err, I mean, “spread” offense) to great effect. At the NFL level, though, I don’t see that type of offense playing well; the defense players are too big and fast for a qb to survive running in short yardage situations without succumbing to major injury. And I don’t think Tebow has the pure passing ability to ever be a standard drop back passer; his delivery is too slow, and he isn’t as accurate as he needs to be.

What do you think? I wouldn’t be surprised if Tebow was drafted and then converted to another position (i.e. like the Jacksonville Jaguard did with former Arkansas qb, and current wide receiver, Matt Jones). But I just don’t think he has the chops to end up under center in the pros.

Then he will be the Lions first draft choice. They will utilize him a a drop back QB. Then in 4 years we can draft another.

Anquan Boldin has worked out well for the Arizona Cardinals. Tebow could do the same.

I don’t know enough about either team, but how well would Tebow work out in the kinda thing that that the Dolphins are running?

Might kick support up for Miami too, but I don’t know if they need it.

Yeah, he would do well in the Wildcat offense, this year, but the shine is already coming off that trick and NFL defenses are already adjusting to it. By the time he enters the NFL the wildcat won’t be the surprise that it was this year.

I don’t watch the Pros and know nothing about the kinds of offenses they run, but I’m betting he’ll never have a “day job”.

That boy just might get himself a secong doorstop before he’s done.

He reminds me a lot of Steve Young in college. So I think he has a chance to make it, but no guarantee, at least as a QB. Given his size, as an alternate position I’d say maybe he’d fit as a tight end or and H-back.

I’m a long time Dolphin fan. I predicted they’d go 7-9 for the year; right now, IIRC, they’re 3-4, but have shown an ability to beat really good teams (Sand Diego, New England, and Buffalo). The main reason for their offensive success has been the good play of quarterback Chad Pennington, IMHO. The wildcat has displayed big-play ability, but I agree that its novelty is wearing off.

I think the reason for this, however, is because the wildcat (which is when the team has one of their running backs, Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown, take the snap from center in a shotgun formation, then run sweeps and reverses) doesn’t have a credible throwing threat. Ronnie Brown did throw a touchdown once, but he isn’t skilled as a passer.

So, I think Tim Tebow could bring an interesting twist as a running back on the team, since it would add the element of a decent passing threat to the wildcat, making it harder for defenses to stop it. Even so, I would think of Tebow as a running back, and I would still want the assistance of a high quality drop-back passer like Chad Pennington. On most plays (when the wildcat isn’t used), Tebow could play out of the backfield (assuming he can catch; I don’t know).

ETA: I bet it would give defenses fits if Chad Pennington lined up in shotgun formation, with Tebow next to him, and went in motion some of the time, allowing Tebow to take the snap.

Steve Young? Really? I don’t see that at all. Granted Young was an athletic QB who had to develop his passing skills, but he did so in a pass happy offensive system that went downfield a TON and had a long track record of producing elite NFL QBs. The spread offense he runs doesn’t have a very good track record so far, and that includes much more natural passers who are extremely accurate.

I think Tebow will play somehow. He’s too big, strong, fast and athletic to not find a place on a roster. It’ll all depend on how willing he is to work on learning a new position. If a team tries to make him a QB I think it’ll end up similar to the Michael Vick experiment (without the legal troubles). He’ll be dynamic and he’ll make some plays and give everyone hope, but when push comes to shove he just won’t be able to handle an NFL offense against complex defenses with any consistency and he won’t have the pinpoint accuracy to run a Tom Brady-like spread offense.

Boldin barely played at QB in college. He started 23 games, all at wideout. Turning a guy who only quarterback into a wideout is do-able- see Antwaan Randle El, Hines Ward, Drew Bennett, etc. - but not advisable with a first-round pick, as Tebow will surely be.

Look at Matt Jones- complete bust his first three years, unsurprisingly. I know he’s having a big season, but he was this close to getting cut in the offseason until Mike Walker and Jerry Porter got injured. Anyway, Jones runs a 4.4 40; Tebow isn’t anywhere near as quick. He runs over people, not past them, and you can’t get away with that at the next level.

I do think he has the arm and accuracy to make it as a quarterback, though. I see him as a McNabb type, only with more running ability.