Will Trump fire Mueller?

With the raid on Cohen’s office and today’s assertion that the President has the power to fire Mueller, it feels like it might be reaching an inflection point. I think Trump just might do it.

This is not a poll of whether he should be fired. The poll is whether or not Trump will fire Mueller. I’m not concerned with the legal mechanism of who has to be fired first or who will actually pull the trigger. I think Trump will announced Mueller’s firing, and soon. For the purpose of the poll, let’s say it will happen by the midterms in November.


He can’t fire him. He has to get a hired gun to do it. Besides, Trump has never directly fired a person in his life. Too chickenshit for that kind of direct action.

I don’t understand the legal requirements, and whether he even has the ability. I think Trump is in the same boat knowledgewise, so I think he will. Or at least he’ll try. Legal minds will then figure out if it was a valid firing, or just another thing to return to the spoiled brat that he can cry “unfair” about.

For the purposes of this poll, that would count as Trump firing Mueller.

I think Trump will try, and fail, to fire Mueller–but fuck if I ever know what Trump is going to do.

Look at that, you have something in common with Trump.


I voted yes, although I still believe he cannot fire him directly. He’ll do a Nixon and fire Rosenstein and then find someone with the scruples of Robert Bork to do the dirty deed for him. The investigation will continue nonetheless, Republican leaders will say this is a grave mistake, heads will shake and fingers will wag.

This. I think the Dumbshit in Chief will tweet in all caps something like: “BOB MUELLER…YOUR FIRED!!!” (incorrect usage of “you’re” included) and expect he is done with that issue, just like all his other staff refinements.

Yes, but it’ll come at the hands of a new AG. Rosenstein won’t do it, and I don’t believe any of the career people below Rosenstein will want to taint themselves and their careers helping Donald Trump commit a crime.

Trump may attempt to do it himself in the next week, but it won’t end up going as he expects it will.

Regardless, firing Mueller won’t stop this train.

As the Republic is murdered, thoughts and prayers all around.

Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course he’s going to (at least attempt to) fire Mueller. With attendant moanings and groanings about how anyone who disagrees with Trump in the slightest way is unAmerican and it’s all a conspiracy to get him.

And, of course, Republicans will do nothing.

I don’t know what Trump will do, and neither does Trump.

But last year Bill Maher predicted that Trump would be impeached by December of 2017. That turned out to be incredibly optimistic. I predict that his estimate will turn out to have been off by about a year, maybe 18 months.

I think you mean a Myrna bird. Tweet, tweet.

Probably; certainly Ryan and McConnell have aptly demonstrated that they will do little more that verbally rebuke Trump in the mildest of ways, but the longer term implications for the GOP will be more severe, especially when Mueller, free from any ethical constraints about discussing an ongoing investigation, starts discussing what was found and where the investigation was going.

One thing about interference with a Federal election is that it impacts all fifty states, so the attorney general of every state in opposition to the GOP mandate would now have free reign to challenge the potential interference in an election with impacts at a state level, and if you think Eric Schneiderman or Xavier Becerra wouldn’t jump at the chance to get national exposure you haven’t seen politics. Trump isn’t going to be impeached (and if he is, we just get Mike “Ashen Weasel” Pence) but firing Mueller would draw a line in the sand that Trump’s apologists, even the reluctant ones, cannot back away from. It might be the best outcome of the Mueller investigation because it will prove that Trump is actively trying to cover up misdeeds rather than just being the innocent victim of some kind of witch hunt.


I don’t think so. It has to have been hammered into him over and over again that it’s a bad idea. The people he would order to do it know that, too. So I don’t think it’ll happen. But I wouldn’t put money on that.

Firing Mueller would be too conventional for Trump. He’ll try to appoint someone above Mueller with power to shut down the investigation, or fire the investigators working for Mueller, or sue him, or hide documents, or bury him in so many documents that it would take a decade to sort through them, or just talk and tweet so much that he stays in control of the news cycles and by the time Mueller comes out with anything Trump will say “old news, we’ve moved on.”

There was a great line in the UK comedy series Yes, Minister. Jim Hacker (the politician) asked Bernard (one of “his” civil servants) whose side he’d be on if the chips were down. “It’s my job,” Bernard replied “to see that the chips stay up.” That’s Trump. Finality is his enemy. His job is to keep the chips up. To keep the pot boiling. As long as there are enough distractions going on he can say that nothing has been decided and no one knows what happened. Remember “I’ll release my taxes. I’ll release my taxes. I’ll release my taxes. No one cares about my taxes.”? Now it’s “I can fire Bob Mueller.”

Those people have all been fired or marginalized.

This, exactly. He doesn’t know what the actual process is (something like repeatedly ordering AGs to do the firing, then firing each AG until he gets an acting AG to go along). There are plenty of people in Washington who do know what the actual process is, but all of them think it would be a terrible idea for him to actually do it, and so none of them will tell him how.

I think that if he fires Mueller that state and federal prosecutors will find a reason to descend of the Trump Organization and Trump Tower like locusts, and they’ll examine every loan application that Donald J Trump or the Trump Organization ever submitted to a financial institution. And every time they find any false information in those applications, they will charge him with a count of bank fraud. And I’m sure the Trump Organization was less than truthful in at least some of their loan applications they way I am sure that the sun will rise tomorrow. Because 1) It’s New York real estate. They all lie about everything. One time in 2008 this caused them to literally almost complete destroy the entire economy of the world. But they still do it. 2.) it’s Donald Trump.

He’s screwed. He should’ve known better. Because in NY real estate and New York finance you’re allowed to lie your ass off as long as you maintain a thin veneer of plausible deniability and correct the paperwork whenever you get caught. Until you piss off the wrong person or do something atrocious like deciding to raise the price of a life-saving drug by a factor of a thousand or become President and proceed to make an ass of yourself.

Then the deal is off and you earn what happens when you break the “don’t be a jerk” rule.

Didn’t vote in the poll but I expect the President will fire Rosenstein as something of a trial balloon. His justification will be because Rosenstein signed off on allowing law enforcement to “break in” to Cohen’s office. If the blow back from the GOP is severe enough he may back down. If it is the typical tepid, milquetoast hand-wringing then I would say chances go up that he will take action against Mueller.

Either way, I still believe there is a better than 50% chance DJT will be POTUS until January 20, 2025.

Everyone needs to calm down; we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until there’s action against someone really close to him like Jr., Ivana, or Hicks. He’ll really flip his lid and all this stuff will look like small potatoes.