Will Trump pull an LBJ?

Seems unlikely. But who among us would want him to anyway?

To be fair, Trump didn’t get a chance to see a large inauguration crowd yet.

Slim. I predict Trump will use the excuse that it was an invalid election and he’s refusing to attend as a protest.

There are some people who don’t like Trump at all, but voted for him anyway because they don’t believe a woman should be President. I got the impression that many, possibly a majority, of these voters are Republican women. They will have no problem voting for Biden. Have no idea how many people fall into this category, unfortunately.

The Republican party chose to ride the Trump tiger; they deserve whatever consequences they’ve reaped. It’s time to hold the Pubs under water until the bubbles stop, then wait another ten minutes.

I don’t think Melania would go with him. Ivanka might.

He’ll probably say he didn’t hear about the inauguration because he was on the golf course and left his phone in the clubhouse.

Slim? None. It is completely beyond any analysis of the evidence that Trump can be that good a loser. He’s still bitching that he never won an Emmy.

I read the other day that Tucker Carlson is a possibility.

Dream about Biden offering all of the ousted IGs their positions back, would you, please?

Every night. Every. Single. Night.

The good thing is, Biden is the one who has the long-term experience to actually pull this off. He’s the guy who knows who to call and can get those that are gettable back into service as fast as possible.

There is so much damage to undo, it is still going to be a hellish slog. But at least we’ve chosen the person with the right experience for the leviathan task at hand.

Not a chance of that happening because “invalid” has three syllables. He will say “fake”.

Nah. The excuse will be that no one briefed him on it.

True. It has to be someone else’s fault.

Sincere question: Which is more important to Trump, power or huge, adoring crowds? If COVID and decreasing enthusiasm mean lots of empty seats at rally venues, would he want to stay in office for the power alone?

Musing… I don’t think the power by itself means anything to him without the adoring crowds, twitter followers, being in the headlines, etc. If he could pull the strings of power while sitting in a windowless, soundproofed basement room with no wifi, I don’t think he would be interested.

But if he COULD have rallies every day with thousands of people chanting his name, I think he WOULD be okay if he didn’t accomplish one g.d. thing.

Any possible substitute will be the goat for all of trump’s f-ups but not have the ability to galvanize the trump base whose loyalty is to him and only him. And don’t think that just because he loses by big numbers he won’t claim it was rigged: “Do you SEE these numbers??? That can’t be real.”

Yes, this is a huge concern – we have to wrap our minds around the notion that there may not be a “normal” Republican Party to go back to. That in fact it will be a Trumpist party and the best we may hope for is that after a couple of cycles that turns into just a meaningless brand shibboleth just as “fiscal conservatism” or “moral values” did but unlike those be replaced by something better, not worse.

The problem Republicans have is that the party orthodoxy has always been highly tolerant of economic inequality in general. In fact the ideology espouses policies that encourage it. That’s not to say that Republicans are evil, but going back to the late 1800s, they’ve been a party of big business.

Economic inequality is always going to be something that plays into the hands of political extremists. The difference between the two parties’ extremists is that the extreme left’s answer to inequality is government-run everything, whereas the extremist right’s answer is to create a social and political niche for the masses of angry whites. Trump is what happens to the Republican party when the Republican party runs out of ways to justify giving disproportionate economic and political power to the billionaire class. It shifts the discussions away from economics and pointedly toward culture. The thing that Republican administrations and businesses encouraged for years - mass immigration of low-wage workers and shipping jobs outside the United States - becomes something that the Republican party stopped defending.

Mind you, they still do it, and privately still encourage such policies behind closed doors. But publicly, they don’t dare promote immigration or globalization anymore because as I’ve said before, they sold their souls to the devil of white Christian nationalism. And they devil has come to collect on that contract and there’s no escape clause. That’s why even though Republicans know that Trump is basically shooting torpedoes at his/their own ship, they’re nearly powerless to stop him because they created this beast - and they know it.

Still, all of that aside, there is a huge problem that will linger after November 2020. What it means for Biden is that he will have to be the most progressive president since Lyndon B. Johnson, and perhaps even since Franklin D. Roosevelt. People want more economic equality, and reversing decades of policy will be critical not only for the Democratic party’s success but for the future of American democracy.

You can check my past posts: I’m far from a Bernie Bro. But Bernie Sanders’ vision for the future of the country is a movement that has finally found its time. That doesn’t mean he’d necessarily be the best presidential option, and I still don’t really buy into some of his specific proposals, but he’s always been correct about what’s ailing the country (even the globe) and we’re running out of time to fix it. Biden will have to fight for progressive values, and more than that, he’ll have to score some big wins. If we’re still begging for universal access to affordable healthcare in 2024 and begging for more livable wages and lower taxation on Jeff Bezos, I think America will slide - rather quickly - from being a democratic republic to being a broken, bitterly divided republic that poses sometimes as a democracy but functions more like a Roman senate. That sort of situation would be ripe for a charismatic, bible-spanking former military general turned private sector millionaire populist.

Normally a religious guy like Romney would have a good chance to win. But plenty of Christians don’t like Mormons. Evangelicals are almost all against Mormons. They even say Mormons are not Christians.