Will using an old fashioned green eyeshade for reading relieve my tired eyes?

I was sitting here thinking how tired my eyes are, and saw historical note about how Harry Truman used a green eyeshadefor reading. Seems like it might decrease eyestrain.

Any dopers used one? Do they work?The only green eyeshades available these days appear to be cheap costume and novelty types.

Fairly obviously it depends on why your eyes are tired. If you have a bare bulb shining into them all the time, yes it will likely help. If you’re staring at a computer screen all day, or simply not getting enough sleep, no it won’t help.

I do stare at PC screen quite a bit I’m thinking it will reduce glare from the overhead fluorescent light.

It could be due to accommodative (lens focusing) issues also. How old are you? Remember that as you get older, you have less and less accommodative ability held “in reserve” – just because you don’t yet need reading glasses to read for half an hour doesn’t mean that they might not be useful if you read for 3 hours in a row.

My grandfather was known for his fondness for green eyeshades. He was an inventor, not an accountant. I think they were more necessary years ago (ca. 1900-1950) when most lighting was harsh, direct, bare, unfrosted incandescent bulbs, which I remember over his workbench. I think shades are less useful now with our more diffused room lighting.

However, I use a baseball cap sometimes for the same purpose when watching movies on my computer, which has track lights over it at night. The cap blocks the light from the ceiling and I feel it is more comfortable on my eyes, so maybe it’s worth a try.

If that glare is contributing to your problem, then the eyeshade (or an equivalent, like a simple baseball cap) will help. So will having more appropriate lighting in your work area.