Will Wii work on a TV that swivels?

I’m considering getting a Wii.

The space in the room I want to put the Wii in is limited. Because of this, the TV would have to swivel. (Which it already does BTW.) In one position it would be for when I want to sit on the couch and watch regular TV. If I wanted to play the Wii, I’d have to swivel it to the right in order to have enough room to move around.

I’m not sure how the Wii set up works. Would this be a problem?

It will work fine. Longer answer coming when I’m not on my iPhone.

The Wii uses an infrared bounding bar that plugs into the back of the system for power to define the pointer range of the Wii-mote (you can actually replace it with any two sufficiently strong infrared lights if you wanted to for some reason). All you have to do is place the black bar in front of the TV (or on it, though that’s rarely an option with modern flatscreens) and make sure it’s facing in something at least resembling straight towards you and you should be good.

Some, sure. Rarely? Not in my experience. I deal with the Wii and various TVs all over my workplace and the sensor bar sits fine on top of most of them.

Yep. Heck, my Samsung LCD has a groove all around the screen housing that was practically made for holding the Wii sensor bar.

And if not, a couple of little pads of double-sided sticky, or Velcro stick-ons, will keep it there just fine.

On the Sony Bravias (at least on my model), it would cover up the buttons.


It will work fine. As long as the TV and sensor bar remain stationary while you are playing.


A Quick google here on this. I heard that these were going to come out “one day” and apparently they are here now. I have not used any of them, but this might also be an option.