Willful Since Conception...Babybeast begins school

Well, my daughter has been in the EELP program for speech delayed children for about 2 weeks. I have not made a huge issue regarding the aide that doesn’t speak nearly enough english.

However, for those that gave me advice in that thread and others along the way, I thought I would let you know that in 2 weeks of school, my daughter has suddenly began saying new words. Many new words. And we can prompt her to try to say words.

A year of speech therapy and listening to all the “you are doing it wrong” crap regarding her speech delay and just like that, she is talking. I can have basic conversations with my daughter.

Everyone has attributed her speech delay to sheer stubbornness. Shockingly, when I tell people that “she has been willful since conception.” they do not believe me. Last week, her teacher said to me “Katie is rather strong willed, have you noticed?” What? Who? Me? We call her Godzilla for a reason. I’m surprised she was born with a nose, because by god, she lives for spite. She is my little Kaiser Soze, she shows men of will, what will really is. She is my rough and tumble, pretty, pretty princess. She is my hearts desire. She is everything I wanted in a child. And now, we can begin to talk to her and find out, as Jimmy Buffet said “wondering where that little mind meanders.”

My Little Miss Magic, you make me proud every day that I get to be the Mom of such an amazing, amazing girl.

I’m so happy to read your update! I’ll look forward to hearing more stories!


What a nice update!

My DS didn’t have a single thing to say until 2 1/2, when he started talking suddenly one day and in complete books-worth of information.

That was June 6, 2000 and he repeated “Pie Rats, Ahoy” by Scarry. He also repeated a long spiel about tropical storms that left strangers both amused and astounded.

He hasn’t been quiet since- even talking himself to sleep every night.

He also hums (all the time).

The talking and humming annoys lots of people (teachers, sister, etc.), but not me, I love it.

He has a diagnosis of Asperger’s type autism, but I’m not (always) so sure. I think his growth and develoment were just wonky from his extrememly premature birth. He was a 23 weeker (like WhyNot’s).

What a wonderfully sweet update! Thanks.

My BFF youngest is referred to as Stewie from the Family guy. He came out of the womb cursing everyone.
YAY for you and your daughter.

Good, I’m glad to hear that either the program is working or your daughter has decided it’s time to start talking (or both). May things continue to progress smoothly.