William Shatner narrates British web-cartoon fairy tales...

So the YouTube channel “HuHa!”, featuring British web cartoons (think Weebl’s stuff), also features a web series called “Twisted Fairy Tales” (I believe “Fractured Fairy Tales” had already been taken :stuck_out_tongue: ), narrated by one Mr. William Shatner (the series stress that point, both in the episodes’ intro, and by little details like a Security Monitor display “Star Date”, Goldilocks dreaming of “Kirk”-boxing an old lady while dressed in Star Fleet TOS Command Gold, or Cinderella transferring VHS copies of “T.J. Hooker” episodes to DVD.

The cartoons themselves are so-so, good for a chuckle here and there, but I think the writers try too hard to be (as we used to say back in the day) “urban edgy” (And not in a particular humorous way either - for example, the intro has a Tinkerbelle-like fairy spray-painting “Twisted” graffiti over the Fairy Tale title card); they also rely a lot on school-boy humor (for example, each intro has a somewhat “off-color” anagram of the title, like “Yes Get A Nip Lube” for “Sleeping Beauty”). The animation software they used seems a bit off to me - the characters move like animatrons with dodgy hydraulics. Much like in Fractured Fairy Tales, anachronisms abound, with characters in what generally seems to be Grimm-Fairly-Tale era settings using Smart-phones, and posting on YouTube (conversely, Jack of Bean Stalk fame wears Medieval clothing while living in a 1970s-style urban housing project).

None-the-less, Mr. Shatner seems to get into his voice-over work, and seems to have fun reading his goofy lines. You may get a chuckle out of the series.
(And if not that, try “Wobble-Box”)