worst cartoon version of a tv show movie or personality

any one remember these things ?

At some point in the 70s some one got the bright idea that if a tv show or musical group or even person was popular they needed to make a cartoon version of it for the kids……
Which led to things like the happy days cartoon where for some reason they traveled through time and Laverne and Shirley in the army ….

the beatles and Jackson 5 cartoons which only used the music of the named groups and just hired soundalikes ……

Or when gary coleman was popular kid star and nbc had him guest starring in everything and even made a cartoon called "the gary coleman show "

He was an angel sent to earth to help out a bunch of kids …… the gimmick was if he took off his halo he came back to life …… even "attack of the killer tomatoes " and punky Brewster got cartoons ……

MUSH - a cartoon “parody” of MAS*H, where all the characters were dogs. Of all the unmitigated crap Filmation ever churned out, this was the nadir. :smack:

There was The Robonic Stooges which robotic version of the Three Stooges.

How about the worst cartoon version of a children’s toy? I give you:
Rubik, the Amazing Cube*

lol I liked rubik a bit…

There was a cartoon version of The Nanny which lacked any humor at all. For the record, I really liked the live-action series.

I’m not quite old enough to have seen Gilligan’s Island during its regular season evening slot. As a kid though, I saw every episode during its syndicated run.

As part of the Saturday morning slate of cartoons, there was an animated version that I’m pretty sure featured the actual cast returning to do the voices. Based on what I know now, I’m sure Tina Louise took a pass on that one. Anyhoo, even to my less-than-refined standards of quality television programming, that cartoon was unwatchable crap.

The cartoon was Gilligan’s Planet. I don’t remember actually watching it but I remembered the name. The intro is cringlingly bad.

Hammerman from the early '90s, starring a cartoon version of MC Hammer as a superhero with magic talking shoes. The animation quality was utterly abysmal.

[Gwar Babies cartoon](gwar babies cartoon).

granted, it was supposed to be terrible.

Your link doesn’t work for me.

Yeah, me neither. I guess that link doesn’t work anymore. Anyway, here is the full movie, which is itself terribly awesome…ok, awesomely terrible. The cartoon starts at 13:43.

I had never heard of this show before. But I just watched a few minutes of it on YouTube and I think you’ve won the thread.

Star Trek had a cartoon version. I was getting old for Saturday cartoons, but I did like the episode where the women had to take over the Enterprise, and Lt. Uhura was in charge as captain.

As I recall, MUSH was not a stand alone show but one of the segments on Uncle Croc’s Block, a parody of children’s shows starring Charles Nelson Reilley.

I still occasionally cringe reflexively over the Super Globtrotters. Yes, we needed animated versions of the Harlem Globetrotters, with super powers, fighting crime and mayhem…through basketball.

There was a Saturday morning cartoon version of the Odd Couple called “The Oddball Couple” with a cat named Spiffy and a dog named Fleabag. My little sister used to watch it but it was after my cartoon watching days, so no idea if it was any good or not.

The animated version of Star Trek was surprisingly good, easily the best thing Norm Prescottever did (that’s the faintest of praise – just about any of his series are strong candidates to appear in this thread). But they had some good writers (notably Larry Niven, who adapted his story “Slaver Weapon,” to Star Trek), and overall the stories were solid. They used most of the original actors (at Shatner’s insistence – he refused to appear if they weren’t included) and made an attempt to use the strengths of animation to create more alien effects (though handicapped by Prescott’s cut-price animation).

I’ll see your “Gilligan’s Planet” and counter it with the opening to Partridge Family 2200 AD.

There were a few cartoon series based off the Addams Family and, bad as it probably was (I really can’t remember any specifics about it), I have a soft spot for the 1973 version with the haunted house winnebago. As a little kid, I found the idea fascinating.

That came out at the same time as a host of horrible video game based cartoons (Saturday Supercade) that were just awful. Honestly, the 80s just sucked for western children’s TV animation.

There was also a straight continuation of the show called The New Adventures of Gilligan. It featured all of the original actors save for Tina Louise and Dawn Wells.

Actually, it was Leonard Nimoy who refused to participate. The producers wanted to hire Majel Barret to play Uhura and James Doohan to play Sulu and Nimoy refused to voice Spock unless Nichelle Nichols and George Takei were brought in.