Willow weeps for Sarah

So far a lot of information hasn’t come out, and the MSM hasn’t mentioned it anywhere, so maybe it’s all just Madeup Librul Lies, but there are several mentions on Google (Willow Palin Arrested) that weren’t there yesterday. Anyway the story is that Sarah and the First Dude had gone off to Hawaii on vacation and left their fifteen year old daughter alone in Wasila. With predictable results: a dozen kids, apparently led by Willow, broke into a neighbor’s house for an all-night drinkin’, dopin’ and sex party, which left the house with $20,00- $30,000 in damages. (Joe. My. God.: Willow Palin Accused Of Vandalism Of Alaska Home) And that Sarah, in a patriotic display of Personal Responsibility, first lied that Willow was “out of town”, and when caught in her lie, used her contacts in Alaska’s government to ensure that only the boys at the party were arrested and that the girls be considered “cooperative witnesses”.
Apparently some of the other parents are righteously angry, but afraid of repercussions from Palin’s thugs. Comments?

I thought this was gonna be a Buffy thread.

I wonder if David Letterman will make a joke about her.

Huffington has something on this:

Yeah, me too. If it had been THAT Willow though, the house would be gone and the entire town probably dead :smiley:

So what do you think the odds are that she’ll be knocked up before 2012? I place them at 3 to 1.

As much as I can’t stand Sarah Palin and would appreciate as much national embarrassment for her as possible, I’m withholding judgment on this issue until I see a better source than The National Enquirer or HuffPo.

I agree with ntucker, but there’s more. So she’s apparently a lousy parent, at least if the results are anything to go by. I don’t care about that. Lots of famous, worthy leaders have been lousy parents, and have taken steps to try to hush up any negative results.

I want to see La Palin tackled where she lives, on the idiocy that spews out of her mouth (and ghost-pen), not for her kids’ shenanigans, nor for the cover-ups of same.

This sort of story just gives her another chance to say “Poor me, the liberal media are going after my family again, they sure are mean, doncha know!”, give her supporters something to focus on other than her worthless inane political views, and take the focus away from where it belongs.

Yeah…I’ll believe it when I see it on CNN - or at least something trustworthy like TPM. No way they’d let something like this sit without trying to get some mileage out of it.


Huh. My understanding is that the National Enquirer engages in the worst sort of lowbrow muckraking journalism–but that they’re really freakin’ good at muckraking, and that they get their facts straight. Am I wrong on this?

The National Enquirer has gone quite mainstream

And it appears they do investigation of coverups quite well.


Well, they nailed John Edwards. They were the ones who broke that story. I think they have gone a bit more respectable (for tabloid news), so they may have this story right as well. I’m sure we’ll all know about it soon enough.

I remember when they were just another tabloid, little better then the Weekly World News, so it was quite a surprise to me when they started getting their facts straight. Generally speaking, if it’s in the Enquirer, or at least on the cover, it’s true. I don’t read it, but the stuff on the cover I see while standing in line usually checks out via other sources eventually. Maybe they got tired of getting sued, and decided it was a win/win to do actual reporting, even if the subject of the reporting isn’t always worth the effort, or if it’s reminiscent of peering into someone’s window, or exactly like peering into someone’s window.

I believe that they are in the running for a Pulitzer Prize for that story. And I expected to see hell freezing over long before I would have thought I’d be typing that sentence.

They are!?

Who knew.

We live in strange times. :eek:

It’s one of the Signs. We are in the end of days :smiley:

Hey, what parents haven’t flown off to Hawaii and left their 15 year old at home unsupervised? (Besides mine, sadly.) :frowning:

If Sarah Palin was MY mother, I think that I’d probably get drunk as early and often as I could, too.

Man, if my parents had left me alone when I was 15, I would have invited my friends over, downed a bunch of Jolt colas, and stayed up all night playing Risk and Axis and Allies! Stupid parents!