Win Ben Stein's Money

Does anyone have all the details on how the best game show on TV works?

From what I can gather from the graphic at the end of the show, the producers budget a certain amount of prize money for the show, which would be the $5000 the contestant goes one on one against Ben for at the end + an unspecified amount in the first two rounds.

If that contestant cannot beat Ben one on one, then Ben gets paid 5000 + whatever the extra in the budget is.

Does anyone know what the full amount of the budget Stein can earns if he wins? And doesn’t he really get a salary on top of the earnings?
How do you get on the show?

I do know how you get on the show. It’s like any other game show. You go down to the studio, you take a written test, answer some interview questions, and if you pass that, you play a sample game. If you seem to pass muster (basically if you are somewhat intelligent and photogenic), you’re in.

I believe now that the show probably gives out the money just like any other game show. I doubt if Stein gets any bonus unless the show gets good ratings, which apparently it does since Comedy Central has given him a talk show also.

Right on the credits for the show it says that the $5000 comes out of Ben’s salary. As you said, he gets paid X + 5000 per show, minus whatever the contestants win.

I figured the prize budget would just be $5000. Stein wins 5000 - X, X being whatever the contestant playing him in the one on one portion wins. He may get a bonus, but I don’t think that comes directly from the prize budget.