Winamp files and playing music CDs on a computer

I tried using a cleaning CD on my PC. Apparently the computer automatically searches for a file titled “winamp.exe” when this CD is run.
I got a dialog box telling me, essentially, that the computer could not find such a file. If I ever had such a file, it’s very likely I removed it when I purged the hard drive of unnecessary files (those with the “green triangle” description in the list of Temporary Files) to save hard-drive space.
How do I re-enter the “winamp.exe” file in order to use music CDs?

Winamp is a program for playing music files. (See for downloads). If you want, you could just download it and reinstall it again. If you want to remove the association you’ll need to specify your operating system.

You operating system (Windows?) is set up to automatically play music CDs inserted in the CD-ROM, and that function (or the “cda” sound files) is associated with the program Winamp. However, although the association is intact, the program cannot be found. The reason is likely that it’s been removed/deleted instead of being uninstalled.

The easy solution is to reinstall Winamp, if that is the program you want to play music CDs.

To Dylan: I followed the link and downloaded the program. I was able to use the cleaning CD and also play music with the Winamp ensconced in my hard drive. Thanks! :slight_smile: