Winchester SX3 question.

I won this nice 12ga shotgun in a drawing. I’m getting ready to go to the range and break it in, but I have a simple question first.
I need a good case for it and wonder if it would be a good idea to break it down or not.
That’s it.

If your only use for the gun is at the range, then having to break down the gun to fit it in the case is no big deal. If you use it to hunt and change location frequently, then breaking and reassembling the gun often can be bothersome on a hunt.

I use breakdown cases for my shotguns because it makes them easier to stash in my car when traveling. Most shotgun cases are 52" in length and difficult to carry in smaller cars.

We’ll expect some results like thisfrom you next month…

Until then, a simple soft shotgun case is more than adequate for transport to the range.

And remember, the DHFUGis aways there for you.

Thats my reason. I was going to the store for something else and figured I might as well make one trip.
When I downloaded the manual I got the pages out of order. Now that I see how to take it apart it’s really no big deal. Besides, assembling the gun at the range will make me look like an old hand. :wink:

Most of my shotguns are O/U rather than autoloaders, but most are easy to break down. Make sure the case is long enough to fit the barrel.

Good idea!
I going to take it apart tonight to fit it and get it ready to shoot.

After a recent boating accidentI will need to rebuild my gun collection.
I’m thinking of starting with this.

Then I’ll send it to the kids at Thompson Machine

I’ve had a 10/22 for a long time, plus a couple MIIs. I love them all. I also have a 77/22 in 22 hornet, a really nice bolt action rifle.
Speaking of the 10/22 takedown I’m tempted by this

“After a recent boating accident
Now wait a minnit, I followed that link and I hope you’re kidding. :wink:
Anyway, here’s my Thompson. (not really)
I had the thrill of firing the real thing (full auto) while in the Navy. (Really)