Windmills of Your Mind

I always thought this song, “Windmills of Your Mind”, had ties to Don Quiote or “Man of La Mancha”. Reading the Wikipedia history of this song, it does not mention such. Have I been mistaken all these years? (These lyrics take the cake for the weirdest lyrics!)

Well, as the Wikipedia article makes pretty clear, yes, you’ve been wrong all these years.

Man of La Mancha came out as a play four years earlier than the song, and as a movie four years after the song.

The lyrics are a bit trippy, but one can argue that’s what gives the song its staying power.

My favorite rendition.

My favorite.

If I remember correctly, the song was from the soundtrack of the movie, The Thomas Crown Affair. Not the remake, but the 1960s version with Steve McQueen.

That’s my new favorite version.

That was the first time I heard it.

I’ve always like this one.

Is that the cake that was left out in the rain?

MY favorite rendition.



I say wigs.