Window sealant kit problem

We picked up a “Frost King Extra Large Window Insulation Kit”, and the double-sided roll of tape that came with it isn’t sticky enough to hold a dead fly, let alone the weight of the film that came with the kit. Can someone recommend a strong double-sided tape that will do the trick?

If you’re having trouble with it sticking to the window side you really want to wash it with alcohol and let it dry thoroughly.

go to the building supply/hardware store get rolls of tape. 3M Scotch brand is good, Scotch Indoor Window Film Mounting Tape.

I second 3M. Frost King is an inferior product, both tape and the plastic film. This is one of those times it’s better to spend more on a big brand.

Ah, I think you guys have answered the problem already. I was going to say that I’ve used those kits multiple times with no problems at all - I probably was also using 3M kits.

I can’t say I’ve had this problem, and I have bought frost king tape all on.its own to use for various double sided tape projects.

The only problem I’ve ever had is with a dirty frame, the tape can peel off when trying to remove the backing. Never had a problem with the film sticking.

Well, I have used both products and they are both a sort of kludgy, imperfect solution to the problem; and both have gotten the job done. But 3M was much better. IME, the Frost King tape is less sticky, leading to peeling, and the film insubstantial and prone to tearing and melting. I was always fairly thorough about the cleaning, first wiping with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth, then cleaning with alcohol.