Windows 10 goes black after login

The extra weird thing is that I’m told only one user account does this. Also, I’m told that the mouse arrow is visible, so I’m stuck for ideas. Anyone got a suggestion?

I’m guessing this isn’t your computer, or at least one you don’t have access to at the moment.
A computer with a black screen and mouse that you can see…the first thing I’d do is, well, try clicking, especially if you know where some icons are. Carefully, though, that you don’t click so many times that you have the computer slowing down and causing more problems. Just a few clicks to see if an icon will pop up if you click on it.
After that, a few right clicks to see if a menu shows it self?
How about attempting to click on the start button, see if the task bar pops up?
Hitting the start button on the keyboard? More often then not, that will do the trick, at the very least it gets something happening.
Nothing? Ctrl-Alt-Del, see if you can get task manager running. I’d kill Explorer.exe. I can’t imagine that working if logging out/logging in and/or resetting didn’t work, killing explorer.exe sort of kills everything and after a minute or so it all comes back alive. Sometimes it helps.

Microsoft has a black screen problem troubleshooting page here: