Windows 7 expanding window how to turn off

Windows 7 user here at work.

You know how you grab a window your working with move it to adjust the position and the window then expands to fill the entire screen? Two questions here.

What is this feature actually called?

How do I turn this feature off ?

It’s called “Aero Snap”.

To disable it go to Control Panel - Ease Of Access Center - Make The Mouse Easier To Use, and check the box labeled “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”.

Thank you very much.

Of course aero snap does have its uses. If you type <win> rightarrow or <win> leftarrow you get the window maximised to half the screen. n Great for dragging and dropping stuff between windows or viewing two things at once.
Turning aero snap off disables the useful features as well. I am with you: I don’t like the automatic maximisation that happens with the mouse. But I have found that I can avoid it and the ability to use a few convenient keyboard shortcuts makes up for the inconvenience.

The only thing about AeroSnap I don’t know is the feature where if you “wiggle” a window back and forth, it’ll hide all other windows. I end up doing that by accident about 10 times more than I do it on purpose.

(If you accidentally do that BTW, you can wiggle the visible window again and everything gets restored back to how it was. Before I knew this, I was manually clicking every window on the task bar like an idiot…)