Windows 8.1 Phone vs Win 8.1

I have a Win 8.1 tablet. I want to play minecraft pocket addition but it says it’s for Windows 8.1 Phone. Will it run on Win 8.1 or do I need the Phone Version of 8.1?

what model tablet? If it has an Intel processor, you’ll need the “desktop” version of Minecraft. the pocket version is only for phones.

So Windows phones don’t have Intel processors?

nope. they use ARM processors, most I think are Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.


Thanks for the info

Do you have a Windows PHONE or a Windows TABLET? Neither one is going to have an Intel processor, but tablets and phones may have different processors yet.

most Windows tablets have Intel processors. The Surface Pro offers Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Many of the other tablets (Dell, HP, Lenovo et al) have Bay Trail Atom CPUs. There are a handful of ARM-based Windows tablets but they’re pretty much scorned because they can’t run any legacy Windows software.

the phones are all ARM, though. no real reason to want an Intel CPU in those.

I have a Windows tablet and it has an Intel processor.

what brand/model (just curious?)

HP Stream 7.
I saw it on sale for $80 and just made an impulse buy. I have to say it’s worked out very well, I got a year of office 365 and it runs all the office apps just fine. I just wish it had 2G of memory instead of 1 but for $80 I can’t complain.


Windows 10 (across PCs, tablets, and phones) is supposed to enable “universal” apps (for modern/“Metro” apps) which will make it easier for devs to build apps which can support all three platforms. So maybe when it’s out (which you’ll be able to update to for free) the Store version of Minecraft will be available.