Windows 8 Sound

Does Windows 8 have an alarm? My wife’s new laptop has a beep, beep, beep, beep, several times every morning early and it is quite loud. I have turned down the sound so that it doesn’t make that noise in the morning. Does anyone know where this sound originates? I want to get rid of it permanently so that we can keep the sound on with out this annoying problem. HP 1000-1220.

I don’t think it has a built-in alarm, but maybe one of her programs is making that sound.

When the alarm comes on, push Windows-D on the keyboard to enter desktop mode. Then left-click the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner (the “system tray”, where the clock is) and then click on “Mixer”. You should see all the programs that are currently making sound. Once you find it, you can mute it or uninstall altogether.

ETA: If it’s a Metro app (the annoying Windows-8, non-desktop style apps) making the sound, it may be harder to find. I’m not sure if Metro apps show up in the desktop mixer.