Windows 98 wallpaper: a tale of three pictures

I’m sure the explanation lies in how Win98 does things rather than some more mystic phenomenon, but maybe someone can explain some of what has been happening on our computer.

I change the wallpaper frequently, and in the last few weeks have selected three different pictures. First was “Sunshine Happiness”, then “Brutal Sheep” and finally “Sunrise”. For whatever reason, Brutal never fully replaced Happiness. Either one could appear as the background.

Time passed, and I chose Sunrise to be the new wallpaper. I can’t prove it but I think we then had all three pictures as the wallpaper in some inscrutable rotation, at least for short time. Then Brutal stopped appearing at all, and we again had only two pictures sharing wallpaper duties, but they are the first and third of the pictures, with the second one totally gone.

I have begun paying a little closer attention (it is, after all, a mere curiosity rather than a problem), and have noticed that Sunrise reliably displays until the “network” sign on box, but then after that it could be either of the remaining two pictures. I can reboot several times in a row without Happiness appearing at all, and then on the next time it will reappear and adorn our screen for a boot or two.

For what it’s worth, Happiness was created as a BMP on our computer, while Brutal was a JPG or GIF received through an email, and Sunrise was (probably) a JPG downloaded from the internet.

I did a search but found no thread on this kind of thing; apologies if the explanation is under a rock I didn’t turn over.

Ignoring the fact that you have a picture called ‘Brutal Sheep’ nestled in with ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunshine Happiness’ …

A few questions:

How are you changing the background ? Do you use the same method every time ? Do you use more than one user account on the computer ? Does anyone else use the computer ? Are the pictures stored in the same place, and are they local or are they on a network somewhere ?

I don’t know if answers to those will help, but we’ll see.


… goes off to google ‘Brutal Sheep’ … ooooo …

I have seen this happen before with Win98 when changing from a BMP to a JPG or GIF file. Windoze likes to use the last selected BMP as background while booting. The easiest fix is to select “None” for wallpaper and apply it, then select the picture you want. Then Widoze will use the plain colored screen at bootup and you’ll never see the other pix again.

If I remember right, the “Paint” program on the computer has a menu option to create the background (Happiness). The other pictures I used “right click” to give the choice.

Multipe people use it, but no user accounts are set up.

I don’t know where the wallpaper pictures are stored other than (presumably) on the computer’s C drive. For all three of the pictures, there is a copy of the picture in MyDocuments\MyPictures. But creating the wallpaper makes a copy and puts it somewhere I don’t know about.

Thanks for the information on how to fix this.

But now my curiosity has extended to where and how the pictures are stored. Anyone have ideas?

I meant to add: If you think that a “Brutal Sheep” is disturbing, I can assure you that “Sunshine Happiness” is considerably moreso. “Sunrise”, on the other hand, is merely pretty. :wink:

By default, the wallpapers that come with Windoze are stored in the C:\Windows directory. Depending on which version of Windows you have, there are a couple of other places (such as My Documents\My Pictures) that will automatically show up in the list of images if they are stored there. You can choose any image on your hard drive to be your wallpaper using the Browse option, but if you select another image, the one previously used will not appear, unless it is in one of the default directories.