"Windows Cannot Open This File...."

I just now tried to access some important saved (I thought) files and I got this message, so I clicked on Web Search, but got no results. It is an “RTF” file.

Any ideas how I can recover these?



rich text format, works or office should be able to open them.

Well, try opening some software that will read an RTF file (pretty much any word processor) and see if that works.

Sounds like the file lost its extension and Windows does not know what program to open it with.

You could also just rename the file such as: name.rtf

Windows would then open it with whatever program is associated with RTF files on your PC (whatever word processor you use).

It should be a Rich Text Format document, and most word-processors should be able to handle it, particularly Microsoft Word.

Right click on the file and try ‘open with’. If there aren’t any programs there for you to select, there should be a way to choose a default program in that list (I know there is in Vista, I honestly can’t remember if it’s done the same way in XP). Wordpad, which comes default with Windows can open RTF files, if you don’t have any other software installed.

Fixed via remote in about 2 min :cool:

Problem solved. Thanks drachillix!:slight_smile:


Okay, sorry, but now I am finding some important stuff labeled DOCX, and when I saw it was encrypted, I tried to unencrypt it by downloading Mircosoft File Converter, but although it’s converted the files to 2007 macro and Office I STILL can’t open/see the files. These WERE RTF files. What’d I do worong this time?



Downloading trial version of Office 2007 Pro now…

You’re a good man, drach.

I’m not sure if this helps given you talk about .rtf files, but .docx means a Microsoft Word 2007 file.