Windows CD driver that burns to image

I have a program that will burn an audiobook to CD, but I don’t really want a CD. I want .isos, or something like that. I could use a RW disk, and copy them over in a separate process, but that would take much longer.

Is there any software that will present itself as a CD burner to Windows, but will just create image files instead of burning to disk?

This is Windows XP in Parallels on a Macbook, so the virtualization may present a problem, but I’m hoping it won’t.

For creating .iso files, I use LC ISO Creator. Small, fast, no-frills, gets the job done.

But what you’re talking about sounds more like ripping audio CDs into audo files (e.g. .wav or .mp3). For this, I really really like CDex. It’s free, has tons of options, and generally Just Works.

Also, any decent CD burning software should be able to do this for you. I use Nero 5, which is no longer supported but is more hassle-free than the current Nero 8. Note that this is shareware, but the free evaluation version should give you an idea of what it’ll do for you.

I also have had people recommend InfraRecorder and DeepBurner - both are free, and both have no-install run-right-after-unzipping versions.

Thank you for all the suggestions, but that’s not quite what I need.

The audio files are in some stupid format, and, while I can burn them to CD, I can only do it using a particular program, which will only burn to cd.

So what I need is a program that presents itself to Windows as a CD-Recorder, but instead of writing bits to a CD, it writes them to a cd image file, which I can then load up in iTunes or whatever and rip to mp3.

Dang. I got nothing.

I suppose you could burn them to CD (I’m assuming the software makes Red Book standard audio CDs), then rip the audio tracks. But then you’d be out a CD. Actually upwards of a dozen CDs if the audiobook is a decent length.

What’s the DRM-infected software you’re forced to use?

If you just want it for audio check out NoteBurner. For generic use Original CD Emulator is the only option I know of.

Would PowerISO or MagicISO do what you want? I think with both you can mount an ISO as a drive and then from there you can do what you want with the files on the “drive.”

Give the file and reader type to get proper help. Knowing that will make things clearer.

Noteburner appears to work. I’m going to try Original CD Emulator next. I don’t suppose there’s something out there that’ll do this for free…

The files are Windows Media DRM files, and I’m burning with the WM Player.