Windows files: Onestop, Flourish and Town.mid?

Apparently, these have been on my machine at least since install. Given the MIDI extensions, they probably go back even further, but no longer having any XP boxes I can’t tell. Either way, it seems I’m late to the party.

What are they for? Do they run as samples for one of the native OS applications? If they’re for an application, why are there three of them? Who composed them?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to C:\Windows\Media and look up Onestop, Flourish and Town (all .mid).

Morning bump?

Are these commonly known files and people are rolling their eyes at me?

They all play as sound files for me. I’m guessing they are there as optional files for various windows sounds.

Every other file in that folder is a Windows theme sound, so I wager those three .midi files are used in various Windows themes. Doesn’t seem very surprising or noteworthy to me…

I have them on Vista. They aren’t simple short boops and beeps (like for errors and such), they’re songs that last 10 or 20 seconds or more. I didn’t play them all the way through.

Some info:

They still have nothing on canyon.mid.

(That definitely was included to showcase Media Player–on Windows 3.1.)