Windows keyboard bindings (quick)

My computer has decided that the up arrow should cause a page-up - and I’m not finding the help topic that will allow me to change it back. The three other arrow keys seem to cause normal behavior (e.g., the down arrow results in a line-down). Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

To more fully characterize the behavior:

 THIS        CAUSES      THAT
up arrow       -->      page-up
keypad '6'     -->      '\6' (those are the 2 characters inserted)
NumLock        -->      toggles NumLock and performs a page-down
CapsLock       -->      toggles CapsLock and inserts a carriage return

The special keyboard bindings (StickyKeys, MouseKeys, ToggleKeys) don’t seem to be on that I can tell, and I can’t think up a good help search string to get the answer. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

That sounds to me like it could be physical keyboard damage, like someone spilled something on it. Although that explanation doesn’t quite match the symptoms you describe – spills often cause phantom keystokes from nearby keys, and some of the phantom keystrokes you describe are from quite a distance away (unless your keyboard has a different layout from mine).

If you have access to a spare keyboard, try plugging that in and seeing if the issues persist.

I should add that if it was keyboard damage, don’t throw out your old keyboard right away. If it was caused by a spill, there’s a reasonable chance that it will work again if you just leave it to dry out.

Well, I guess that must have been it, since it seems to be working correctly now, both with a replacement keyboard and the original. Thanks so much for your input. In any case, I’ll keep an eye on the machine for a while, and hope it doesn’t revert to that behavior. Thanks again, I really mean it.