Windows NT Explorer crashing???

Does anybody recognize the following crashing problem as an Explorer problem under Microsoft Windows NT?

I double-click on a file to open it with a text editor, and the monitor instantly makes a clicking sound and turns entirely black. The little green light next to the monitor power switch changes to orange. No amount of fooling with the keyboard or control-alt-del or mouse or monitor power switch will bring back any display. I have to hit the hardware reset button or unplug the CPU line cord to use the system again.

The problem occurs only with a specific text editor, which I have associated with some file types within Explorer. It’s happened twice, and I reproduced it a third time, but I can’t identify a clear pattern or reliably reproduce the crash. I am trying to edit text files that are very simple, only 7-bit ASCII with no unusual structure and short 8.3 filenames. The problem has only occurred when I had multiple instances of the editor running.

Programmers who wrote the editor have never seen anything like this. It’s a very popular and otherwise excellent editor used by many programmers. They are trying things, but ask whether it could be Explorer that is actually crashing. Anybody recognize this as an Explorer behavior?

Have you run Dr. Watson or a similar system error logger? That might give you some clues as to what is happening.