Windows Photo Viewer not displaying right colors for image - please help

It’s getting better, though. LCD is a lot better than CRT ever was. The exact same model of CRT could have widely different color settings. That’s why CRT TVs had so many picture controls.

I saw my Photoshop lab at school have the monitors replaced with LCDs, and, for once, no individual calibration was necessary. They all displayed exactly the same.

The variation now seems to be down to differing methods of manufacturing. The same make and model seems to be much more compatible.

Thanks pulykamell; I learned a bunch more about jpegs. (I used the imagemagick “identify” tool to check the colour profiles out).

FYI, I also tried IE 8, and it didn’t render with the colour changes. It looks like FF is the only ones that does so. (Go libpr0n! :D)

comming to see.

Safari does as well.

For more information:

There was a thread a little while ago about an image that checked to see if your web browser could see color profiles. It can be seen on this page.

The thread itself is here, where I do my best to explain in layman’s term why color profiles exist. Though I was bit overly optimistic on how well things are going.