Windows Vista won't read DVD

A while back, I posted about failing to install “The Sims: The Complete Collection” on my sister’s notebook and believedit was due to SecuRom. Well, she recently had to have the notebook reformatted (and ask if I could try again. I put in the DVD and nothing. I got to “My Computer” and try to access the DVD and start the setup manually. I click “Open” and nothing happens. I click “Explore” and a window flashes open to a spilt second and closes. I can understand the possibility not installing due to the OS being Vista (XP is the high OS listed on the box and autorun install works on my XP computer), but to not even be able to see what’s on the DVD seems ridiculous. Apparently, it’s possible to play it on Vista and Electronic Arts recommends using it under Windox XP SP2 compability mode, but some people seems to have trouble with Disc 3 during installation. Sorry for rambling on, but has anyone encountered a similar problem and know a way around it?

Hmm i’ve got vista and it often has problems detecting DVD. Though never in the exact way as you.

At any rate some things i’ve found that seem to help vista figure out that, yes, i do have a dvd in there are:
Restart vista with the disc in the drive
Right-click-drag the drive to the desktop(or elsewhere) and click copy here, even when vista wont open the disk directly it will sometimes copy all the disk’s info to your drive then you can just install it from there
Pop the disk in and out a half dozen times
Get a newer DVD drive. This one helped the most as the drive i was using when i first installed vista was one of the first consumer dvd writers available. And didn’t have any moderately recent drivers.