Windows XP Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow Software

Would anyone here be kind enough to recommend to me a program which can make my desktop wallpaper into a “slideshow?” I’ve found one called Wallpaper Slideshow LT, which is free, but found at least one page through google which says it installs spyware. I don’t know if the accusation is true or not, but I want to be careful…


Assuming that you have a legal copy of Windows, there’s a Microsoft program (very unimaginatively, IMHO) named Wallpaper Changer. I’ve used it, and it works pretty well. Needs validation of your Windows install, but it talks you through that. Since I nearly always work with some application or the other maximised, it wasn’t much use to me, so I uninstalled it. Fun, though.

Forgot to add: This is assuming you trust MS not to install spyware onto your system. :smiley:

I use this one.