Windshield Replacement

We have a crack in our windshield and should get it replaced soon. I’ve never had to do this before - what’s the story with all the radio commercials about windshield replacement and fabulous prizes?

I should probably just call my insurance company and go with whoever they say…

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Fabulous Prizes?? Hey, if you find out where I can get one of these, I’ll take in my mini-van, which has needed a new windshield for six months now.

I do think it’s a good idea to ask your insurance company. I had to get the rear window replaced on a car about five years ago (long story, basically my ex-husband punched out the back window of my new car), and what I did was call the insurance company, who referred me to the glass company. Of course, you could also just pick a few glass companies out of the phone book, call them up and ask if they accept your auto insurance.

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Just kick it out like Bo and Luke Duke. Of course, this probably means Roscoe P. Coltrane will soon be on your tail.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Here in the greater NYC area, you’d be amazed how much cheaper the replacement is if you pay CASH! If you don’t have insurance, call around. Of course at some places, I am not sure where they got that windshield. But I have had no trouble with the replacements yet. If its insurance, the price is at a premium (not that you have to worry about it).

My uncle used to own a windshield repair/replacement business (before hip replacement forced him into early retirement). Call a local windshield replacement commpany. You would not believe the mark-up when the insurance company gets involved! Cash is always good when dealing with small companies, they will usually deal with you but make sure you get a warranty. Depending on the make/model it can be done in minutes that is unless it is a Saturn! Something about their construction and taking out the dash, etc.

I’d try to leave out the insurance company out if possible. Good luck!

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Go with the insurance if it covers it. I recently had to replace the backglass in my car and it was $500! I only paid $50, but insurance markup or not I’m sure it saved me at least a couple of hundred dollars.

If you’ve got a regular mechanic you like, ask him what glass company he uses. Any glass company will probably have done what must be done to be included on the insurance co.'s OK list.

You get a little kit thing at the store to use on a crack. It uses a sun cured epoxy.

About $12 for a large one. Pretty easy to use, you might try that first. For long lines you might have to do it a few times along a line but if you do it right it looks perfect especially if you kept things clean & didnt wait too long.