Windstorm puts Seattle in the dark: Everybody OK?

Apparently the Seattle area had some major winds today:

Wind Knocks Out Power to 186,000 in Wash.

I recognize of course that having the power out can have a deleterious effect on one’s ability to surf the SDMB, but here’s hoping someone can check in and let us know what’s going on up there.

As some of you may recall, we here in Memphis had a 100-mph windstorm this past July that knocked out power to about 300,000 people; I was in the dark at home for ten days, and some were out for over two weeks. What a grueling ordeal that was. Here’s vibrotronica’s thread from back then in which we all commiserated:

Memphis: A Dress Rehearsal for the Apocalypse.

So Seattleites, let us know you’re all OK when you can, and also share some war stories if you get the chance.

All fine in North Seattle - power blinked about 2:45, but it is fine now.

I hear tha the Eastside & Cascades foothills are getting the brunt of the winds.

The city of Enumclaw was hit pretty hard and had to declare a state of emergency - here’s a P-I article about it.

The power has been out at my house since 1:30 this afternoon. I live a mile or two south of where I-405 and I-90 cross. I just called home and it’s still out there. I’m at work near Overlake now, and we’ve got power here. Traffic was pretty bad this afternoon but I think it’s cleared out some since then.

Couple more stories from the local papers:
Seattle Times
Another P-I article

The second one says it’ll be a couple days before they have power restored for everyone. The wind seems to have died down now, but it looks like it might pick up again tomorrow night.

We lost power at work, and I lost three or four SDMB threads I was reading at the time!

(Power was out for less than one second before the generators kicked in, but it was long enough to crash the computers. I heard tell of people at the grocery store, etc., who wound up in pitch blackness!)

November/December is when we get wind storms in the lovely PNW. Usually it rains with the wind, seems like we mostly got wind this time. My first year in this area, a big wind storm sank one of the floating bridges. That was fun.

Cervaise and I are fine, no loss of power or connectivity. No trees intersecting with the roof. Just bad traffic.

Also just bad traffic. Work was fine, home was fine, as far as I can tell, no power was lost in either place. Which is odd, the wind usually knocks my power out.

At my apartment in Bothell, the wind barely got above a breeze that could only stir a few dead leaves around. Rain most of the day, and no power flickers I’ve noticed anyway.

The Seattle Times has a photo gallery of the storms effects in various parts of the Puget Sound.

Some of those photos are truly horrifying. :frowning:

South of Issaquah eight miles, we’re still without power (since 6:00 Thursday). And water, since the well pump’s electric. Went into town last night, had Chinese and visited the library.

No school yesterday; no bus transportation for the kids this morning, since there are trees and power lines down all over everything.

But otherwise we’re fine.

It seems the east side of the Seattle area bore the brunt of the storm. Enumclaw, North Bend, Issaquah, and Maple Valley really got socked. The little town of Buckley in east Pierce County also got a good amount of the winds (80 mph gust at one point).

Down here in Puyallup, we didn’t even really receive a breeze, nor did the Tacoma area, or Fort Lewis (where I work).

They are predicting another windstorm for tonight and into tomorrow morning, which is supposed to affect the Central Puget Sound area (the I-5 corridor (Seattle, Tacoma, etc). Hopefully, it won’t be as bad.

Was in the dark from 6am Thursday to 11:30pm Thursday night. Spent the night in front of the fireplace eating cheese and salami from the fridge.

It’s a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy! I was going to see a movie last night but when I got there the cinema had no electricity! The box office was dark and empty! The doors were locked! I wound up shaking and sobbing in a Red Cross shelter, suffering a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy: a movieless evening.

Hold me…


Sounds like everyone’s pretty much OK; glad to hear it.

Update: A new bit of bluster roared through the Puget Sound area a few hours ago, knocking out power to my company among other locations. I got a phone call at 3am informing me of the temporary outage, and now I’m sitting in my office trying to reboot critical software. But just when I think I’ve got it under control, one of the servers goes nonresponsive for no reason at all, and now on top of that I hear that the only reason the building has power is that we were temporarily shunted to a neighboring grid, with plans to put us back on the proper grid at 6am once repairs are done, which may mean another period of downtime and a repeat of all the work I thought I just finished.

So I’m a little… shall we say… grumpy right now.