Wine and cookies.

I was close friends with a Italian family when I was a young man, and learned to enjoy much ot their cuisine.
One of those delicacies was biscotti dipped in chianti. None used coffee, as is the custom now it seems. They were Sicillian.
Anyway, most people tell me they never heard of such a thing. Even some Italians, most of whom I know now are notherners.
I dunno, maybe it’s one of those “authentic” Starbucks things. :wink:
Anyone else ever enjoyed hazlenut biscotti dipped and soaked in a nice chianti?

Well, wiki does mention something about it (2nd paragraph). Maybe I got the wine wrong. It has been a long time. Or maybe they preferred chianti.
Any Tuscans out there? Godete il vino con il biscotti? Should I trust google to translate?

I had an Italian grandmother who saw nothing wrong with giving us kids wine, however I don’t recall dunking cookies of any type into it. However, I do recall seeing a cooking show with one of the popular Italian cooks, Giada or Mario maybe, talking about dunking biscotti in wine. It probably is a regional thing.

I remember it tasting good. I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on with the winos ( :wink: ) and foodies in this part of the country.
I’m going to go get some and try it again. I’ll ask the sommelier for a pairing. That aught to blow his/her mind.

Dei biscotti. It’s plural.

I had this in Florence–the biscotti dipped in a very sweet wine. It was so good. It was also so easy to forget that you were dipping the cookies in wine…I got very shitfaced, lol. I had a hard time walking back to the hotel from the restaurant, and it was only about twenty feet away.

I’ve been looking for this ever since then, and like you, I’ve been having a hell of a time finding anybody who has ever heard of this. I never saw it in any menus in Rome, though it seemed to be pretty common in Florence. I just wish I could remember what type of wine it was. All I know is it was white, and it was very sweet.

I’ve seen biscotti paired with Vin Santo, a sweet, white dessert wine.

The wiki article I linked to (above) names the wine. I really am going to get some. I know that many people would enjoy it.
And thanks. I was beginning to wonder. :slight_smile:

Lemon meringue pie and a Bloody Mary.

Sounds weird, but try it. it’s great.


Ditto this. Although there is red Vin Santo, it’s just not very common.