Wingsuit video

Oh. My. God. Wingsuits in Norway.

I have to try one of these…

Looks useful for fighting crime.

We did this about a month ago.

My apologies; I missed it totally.

Wait - you mean you did the thread, right? If you mean that you got to fly in the wingsuit, I’m about to explode out of pure, unmitigated jealousy.

Right - the thread. I used to be a skydiver, but gave it up well before this sort of thing was developed. Not that I’m not tempted.

Le Ministre de l’au-delà: I don’t care that it was a repeat; I missed it the first time.

Thank you! That was truly awesome!

Damn. Watching that, I have to wonder: if you jumped with one of those and then realised you’d forgotten your parachute, would it be possible to guide yourself to a survivable landing?

At the speeds they seem to be going, maybe you could survive if you hit water just right, maybe. But hit it too hard and too directly and you’d probably just drown. Land would most likely involve broken bones and blood loss. But I guess people have survived some pretty amazing falls before…

Personally, I would not go anywhere near one of those things. I see all those rocks and I just know I would be splattered against all of them.

At least one guy is seriously planning to land with one, I think on a steep incline similar to ski jumpers.

I wonder if you could put yourself into a stall, 10 feet above the ground or something?

Possibly - but even if you can bring your vertical speed to zero, a horizontal speed on the order of 100 ft/second is likely to be hard on your poor pink body.

But if you were prepared…

First thought: Wheee!

Second thought: Who’s going to pick up all those skis?

Third thought: Who cares? Wheeee!

It would probably be hard on my poor brown body also, but I digress. That was awesome, it’s a shame my fear of becoming a broken mangled heap keeps me from trying all kinds of incredible things.