Winner of Pepsi sweepstakes, which song should I download?

I recently purchased a Pepsi from a vending machine, and I was a winner of the current sweepstakes. My prize is one free download from the iTunes music store.

I went to the store and looked around, and I could not find a song that I wanted to download, so I have decided to open it up to a vote. What song do you recomment I download? Never mind my interests or what music I already own, what song would you download if you were in my shoes?

Moving this to Caffeine-Free Pepsi Society.

If you don’t have an account with iTunes, and don’t want to create one just to download the Pepsi free song, you can give it away to . They use the code to purchase one of a few songs from iTunes by independent artists.

I’m neither for nor against their effort, just passing it along if anyone was looking to do something with the song. Read their site to find out more.

Just to clarify, ‘creating an account’ with iTunes, despite what it sounds like, does not require you to provide a credit card or purchase anything under this promotion.

From the FAQ :
Q: Do I have to create an account with Apple?
A: If you don’t already have an Apple ID, AOL screen name or .Mac member name, you need to set up an account with Apple before you can redeem your free song prize. The account is free and you will not be obligated to buy anything.
Q: Is a credit card required to participate?
A: No, a credit card is not required to redeem your free song prize in the Pepsi iTunes Music Giveaway. However, entering your credit card information will allow you to make future music purchases from iTunes.

If you do decide to download something, you should give us more information about your tastes.
I’m kind of afraid to make any suggestions because if you don’t like the song it would be a waste.

Still stuck with the “Win free Lakers gear” bottles here in El Lay, but if I had a free music cap, I’d go for either the Green Day remix of “I Fought the Law”, or Aqua’s “Cartoon Heroes.”