Anyone Want My Pepsi/ Song Codes?

I drink a lot of Pepsi. I get a lot of Pepsi caps that are worth a free song via their giveaway. I don’t use them (I’m still building my MP3 collection the old fashioned way – stealing it).

Rather than having them go to waste (actually, “further waste” – I’ve already thrown out dozens of them), I figured a Doper might be building a nice, legal collection. The rules on the bottle don’t mention the codes being non-transferable, so here you go. I’ll guess that these codes will only work one time, so first come, first served. I suppose the best way to go about this would be to publicly stake your claim if you’re going to use some/all of these.

(Since the typeface on the caps sucks, I can’t guarantee accuracy – O’s may be zeros, fives may be S’s, etc.)






And by all means, if you have any codes that you’re not planning on using, get 'em up here. No sense in wasting them.

Well, not to be too greedy, I think I’ll take these 2. Thanks.

I’ll come back in a day or so to see if the others are still here.

I’ll take this one.

This one’s mine, Thanks!


Downloaded “This Love” by Maroon Five, Thanks!

What did you guys download?


I’ll grab the last one.

Out of curiosity, what size is an average downloaded song? Are they MP3?

I Kazaad some MP3 but I have never been happy with the quality of them, so I never really use them. I still download some from time to time as a “preview” of an album I want to buy, test and delete them to buy the real stuff. So is the quality good?

Awww… I missed it! Anybody else have some they don’t want?

No problem folks. Lando, ya gotta be quicker. :slight_smile: But, here’s another chance:




Go nuts, people.

I’m torn by this idea. As much as I’m curious to know what songs these codes are providing, I’d probably be quite bummed if I found out my actions caused a really craptacular song to be spread further. :smiley:

But don’t worry, BluMoon, I have no particular problem with This Love. :slight_smile:

Grabbed with many many thanks, Hal. This is really cool.

I snarfed this one. Thanks!

I’ll grab this one. Many thanks, Hal!

They will be Apple’s AAC format. You will need the iTunes software installed on your computer to use them. Quality-wise, they are high as they are a legal, product that’s sold, rather than the illegally-made stuff from Kazaa.

If you want to use AAC files on an MP3 player, you’ll need to burn them to a CD, then rip the CD as MP3. You can easily and legally do all of this with the iTunes software.

Actually you can burn an MP3 cd from the software as well.

D’oh! Looks like I’ll actually have to buy my own Pepsi… :eek:

Well Lando, you’ve got another chance here.

Unfortunately I haven’t been having much luck the past two days ( I suppose I should have been using the bottle-tipping trick), but I did get one winner this afternoon:



Another one:


Plus, it looks like

…is still up for grabs. Stake a claim if you want 'em!

I’ll was going to claim these, but looks like someone beat me to it!

Without posting the fact that they were taking the code? Grrr…not nice.

…if they are already in mp3 format on your hard drive. The AACs can be burned to a regular CD, but not to an mp3 CD. You’ll have to convert them first.

(This is all true for OS X, btw. If Windows has more options, heads will roll.)

I believe these codes act as a 99c gift certificate, in that you can download any song you want on iTunes. And they can be spread via P2P, but it’s pretty useless, given the restrictions on the format.