Pepsi/ Codes: Up For Grabs Again!

Remember this?

Well, they’re doing the code thing again, so I’m giving them away again. I haven’t built up a stockpile of them like last time (yet), having just picked up my first winning bottle, so all there is right now is:


Same rules as last time:
When you take a code, post that you have done so. Not letting others know the code has been taken is heavily scumbaggish.
–Don’t get overly greedy with taking codes.
–If you have spare codes, please share them.
–And if you feel like it, post what song you got from the code.

I’m sure there’ll be more to come before too long. Enjoy!

You’re a good man, Hal Briston. I prefer to buy whole albums, though, so I’ll leave this code for some other fella.


Doh! I tried to use the code above but it appears to have been claimed already. Maybe next time. :wink:

dang promotion has to happen when I’m giving up cokes for lent >_<

D’oh! Right out the gate, someone broke rule #1. Ah well, let’s try again:


w00t! That one worked. Thanks man you’re “da bomb” and such.

As for what song to get? Maybe I’ll try something new from ol’ Beck.

Thanks again Hal. :smiley:

But it’s not Coke it’s Pepsi! :smiley:

I figured Hal would crank this up again so I’ve been saving two to share.

Come and get em!



Last code is taken.


I got the first one. Thanks!

LOL welcome to Texas. I’ve mananged to not learn to say “fixin” instead of “preparing” but I’m afraid I do call all soft drinks “cokes” and do say “howdy” fairly regularly. :wink:

Come 'n geddit!


Sorry to grab a second code so soon, but I waited a whole ten minutes. :smiley:

Thanks again, Hal. Oh, and I used the last code to purchase Falling from Ben Kweller’s album, Sha Sha.

I got Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism with this code.

A) I’m now on a diet.
B) The bottles of Pepsi One they sell here at work don’t have the free code caps.

A + B = I won’t have many codes to give away. However, I was dying for a real Pepsi, and the one I bought had a freebie. Here ya go:


No shoving, now!

Can I claim it please please please? I already have a song in mind…


I’m taking. Thanks.

I got the Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem.

Grrrr! I had to wait until now to download my song (using a different computer than the one I posted on this afternoon), and after I finally found it, it seems I’ve been sniped. Someone else already used this code. So much for my claim. :frowning: :frowning: Thanks anyway, Hal.

Well, Lily, you’re got another chance (assuming, of course, you’re on-line right now and ready to lay claim before another Doper swoops in).


It’s mine all mine I tell you!
Thanks Hal