Pepsi/ Codes: Up For Grabs Again!

It has taken me awhile to get back here because of some computer problems, but the code was already taken!!! Seems like we might have a thief on our hands.

Dang! All I have in the fridge right now is Diet Coke. Next time, I’ll get Diet Pepsi and pass any codes I get on to folks here too.

A very nice idea, HalBriston!

I got another one. Come and get it!


I’ll take it, thanks!

I had one last week ,but couldnt find this thread, i threw it away. as soon as i take out the garbage, here it is on the front page. and all that trouble carrying it in my pocket all day. good news though. a mountain dew a day gives me atleast 2 caps a week! so here is one for some lucky person


Got it!

them mountain dews sure is good…



Somebody’s already go this one. Too bad… I was hoping for Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator.

I started a thread over in the Café about what one song you would grab with a freebie code. I have one of my own, but find myself at a loss to grab just one song…

woohoo! today, not only did i get mine, i got a friends.



Got this one-- thanks Probably d/l latest Britney Spears.


I’m taking the first one.

Actually, no, I’m not, because it’s already been used. Darn. :frowning:

Either I am not clever enough to whoosh anyone, or no one is paying attention. Anyway, I d/l a hammered dulcimer version of my two favorite Celtic songs

Swallowtail Jig / the Road to Lisdoonvarna /
Gladly Playe Wyth Stryngs 228

dos mas por ustedes



ZOJRXETXYM is mine. Thanks!

Hmm. It’ll take the code, but not actually let me get any songs. Maybe it doesn’t like Portishead…

Do you have the free song credit showing up in the window while browsing? If so, just pick a song and purchase it. The credit will be applied automatically.

KYFNSBX4IQ is taken. Danke schon!