Winner of this week's 'No sh*t, Sherlock' Award: the Illinois Gaming Board,2669,ART-49569,FF.html

Presumably Mr. Acosta delivered this line with a perfectly straight face.

“Oh, no! Organized crime and gambling?”

Next week: Friends of the Earth reports that “bears shit in the woods”, and in a late-breaking update, Msgr. O’Flaherty discovers that the Pope is Catholic.

Are you saying that they should not have rejected the idea due to possible mob ties? :confused:

Or are you just saying, “Yeah, no kidding they have mob ties! Tell me something I don’t know, bozo!” ?

WAG here, but I’ll say the latter.

DDG - that was pretty much the reaction at the M2U household this morning upon reading that - talk about the rolling of eyes! I hope Mr2U was able to yank 'em back facing forward before taking off to work…:smiley: