Winnipeg or Winnepeg?

Simple question that seems to be avoided on every website about Winn?peg, the first of which I find on Google as “” but spells it Winnipeg throughout the site.

It’s Winnipeg.

AFAIK, Winnepeg isn’t even a regional spelling variation. Though I’m sure some other Canadians will be around shortly to chime in.

A quick Googling of “winnepeg” seems to show that the spelling results from people who don’t know better using it. For example, there is a hit for a link to the “Winnepeg Ronald McDonald House”. But when one looks at the page, it’s properly spelled on the official Ronald McDonald House website. The only misspelling is in a link to it, and Google found the link and reports it to your search. appears to be a site just to catch people misspelling

When I lived in Winnipeg, I went to a comedy club where Emo Phillips was performing. He commented that Winnipeg sounded like " a cheap contest for pirates." I still laugh at that one. It’s Winnipeg, not Winnepeg.

Here is another Canadian (albeit one from the same region as Kid_A) and it is Winnipeg. I have never seen it spelled Winnepeg and apparently neither has Firefox.

I am in Winnipeg as I type. I tend to spell Minniapolis with the same second “i” too :slight_smile: Until I catch my mistake, of course.

Reminds me of how many people misspell the name of the city “Cincinnati”. Usually they’ll spell it something like “Cincinatti”. I don’t even live there and it drives me crazy.


Dude, its actually Winterpeg



I am currently in Winnipeg, and trust me, at this moment is it NOT Winterpeg - we actually broke some heat records here last week (and missed the Canada record for Humidex by 1 degree).

We laugh at those that spell it Winnepeg.

Are you coming for a visit?

oh you say that now , but what happens in september


People spell it “Winnepeg” for the same reason we get a thread title every goddamned week that has an apostrophe error in it: Because they’re ignorant.

Portage and Main, 50 below