Winter digital distribution sales 2017

Steam sale started today.

uPlay is having a sale, but doesn’t have a good web link - just look in the uplay client.


Fanatical (new, I think they ued to be Bundlestars or one of those small indie-oriented sites)

Good old games

Humble store doesn’t seem to be in a winter sale, but they do have “indie mega week” going on.

Someone made a spreadsheet of Nuuvem sales in USD. It’s a Brazillian site but legit, sometimes has the best prices on non-region locked games out of any store, but you have to make sure there’s no region lock warning for that game.


Blizzard store

There are probably others I’m forgetting.

This is also a solid month to get into the monthly humble bundle, with the headliner games quantum break, the long dark, and dawn of war 3. Get those and a few more mystery games for $12.

Here’s a list of the past humble monthly bundles. Most of them are actually really good and it’s generally well worth it, but the last couple have been pretty meh. But it’s an unusually good headliner set this month so hopefully they’re getting back on track.

I haven’t had a chance to look over much. Steam sales peaked in 2013 (I think) back when they had the old flash sale oriented sales in which you could get much better deals. Since then, the average sale price of games is significantly higher than it used to be. Still good deals, but not the amazing irresistable deals you used to be able to get. I’ll still dig around at some point. I’m really trying to dial back my game buying - I have over 1000 games and it’s getting a little silly that I keep buying plenty of new ones.

Anyway, recommend deals you think are worth it, ask about games you’re thinking about, add sales I left out, whatever.

I stopped buying games a while back, my laptop ran out of space and I never played a lot of them.

But today the game Plague Inc is on sale on Steam for $7.

How is this game better than the free one on android? If it has cool extra features I may buy it.

When my desktop started running out of space, I bought an external drive. :smiley:

You guys actually install the games you buy? mine are just a list on my Steam library…

I uninstall ones I don’t like. :slight_smile:

Also ones that have stopped working.

I bought Dishonored for less than $5 on a UK site, I think. Never played it.

Bought Fez off steam for 99 cents.

Bought Stick it to the Man! for $2.49 of Steam.

I want Fallout 4:GOTY, but I want it for less than $20, honestly. I’ve never played it, but have played all other Fallouts except Tactics. I have a new computer in the mail now that may make it playable for me. :crosses fingers:

Last day of the steam sale.