Winter isn't forever!

Shoveling snow over the weekend, I heard one of my favorite sounds – my first cardinal song of the year. That was enough to remind me that the freezing season isn’t going to last forever. February is coming, and tho it can really suck, at least it is short. Then, with March, comes the realistic possibility of a decent day here and there, with the grass greening up by St. Patty’s Day.

In case you have forgotten, Feb 2 coming up is a cross-quarter day, halfway between the solstice and the equinox. Celebrate it by looking around you for signs of the coming season. Any crocuses or snowdrops peeping at the foot of a south facing wall? You may have noticed the squirrels have been pretty frisky since sometime in the middle of Jan. Is the day a little lighter when you wake up/leave the house in the morning, or return at night?

(Of course, those of you fortunate – or intelligent enough to live in warmer climes, feel free to gloat with stories about going outside wearing shorts to pick oranges off the tree in your backyard.)

No, no, no! I live in stinking hot Queensland and I hate this weather we are having! I’m originally from freezing cold Melbourne, and I live for the colder months…so you can probably imagine that I’m slowly going crazy here with the humidity and the mosquitos and the sun all hot and evil…sits in front of a fan I think the heat has made me delirious.

Okay… It was 68 degrees here yesterday in Montgomery, AL. Which in my mind is absolutely the perfect temperature. Too bad such a glorious day was wasted on such a sufferingly stupid little city.

Why, oh why can I not be back east with this weather again?

Geez. It was 65 here yesterday. Warm, sunny, light breeze. Wonderful day. I was warm for once. :smiley:

What do you mean winter isn’t forever???

It is here, dammit. 6 months of the year…

Here it’s still -12 celcius.

pout and shiver

I thought someone else from a cold climate should post here rather than all of the warm weather gloaters.

It is cold here. Today they are forcasting an ice storm, which should make my drive home a nightmare.

I hope it warms up by about April or May, but I don’t expect anything before that.

Pigeons are the only bird I see lately. There aren’t even any hoppy birds. Just pigeons.


Maybe I’ll go get something pierced or tattooed. Oh, wait. I already did. Never mind. Maybe I’ll go to the ice maze at the winter carnival. That’ll be fun.

Hey racerx, I got some of that ice storm you were talking about! Kids started two hours late for school, and some schools out in the sticks closed for the day.
Winter ends? Doesn’t seem to in Iowa.

I just moved back to Massachusetts after living in southeast Florida for over a year. There were a number of good reasons why I moved back, but dammit, I hate cold weather (and by “cold” I mean anything under 80 degrees). I was unhappy enough with the 65 degree Florida weather, but now it’s friggin’ 30 degrees or less, and there’s snow on the ground. When I moved to Florida, one of my life’s goals was never to see snow again.

Let’s put it this way - I’m still doing all of my putting in the den.

Uh, pal, cardinals are here year-round. One of your neighbors must be feeding it.

Central Nebraska is a real snow-globe today. Big, thick, Hollywood-style snow. Lovely to look at…the sh*ts to drive in. So enjoy your balmy weather. My gas bill is going to be more than my house payment this month…

MI had freezing rain this morning. Lovely.

Where are those robins?

drop they are here all year rond, but they ain’t singing all year round.
I and my neighbor both feed the birds (tuppence a bag.)

“Whew! It’s cold out there,” says racerx.
“How cold is it?” asks random doper.
“It’s so cold I just saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant.”

Ba-Dum-pahhhh. ching.