It´s not spring yet... but it sure feels like it!

Sat in the sun for an hour with only a thin sweater on.
Bought a box of strawberries and ate them on the spot.
Saw the first butterfly of spring.

Life. Is. Good.

That’s funny, I shivered my ass off with record-setting lows. -5F last night. ^%#@! winter.

And I shoveled 15 cm of new snow from yesterday. Or I should say that its been shoveled in my mind. Reality doesn’t seem to want to play along though.

Gads, I loathe winter. I understand living in the north, I have to put up with it, but geezum crow, it’s march for gosh sakes. There should be sun, free flowing water. I shouldn’t be slipping and wrecking my knee as I gingerly try to cross the street in -20 degree weather because I have to go to school!

So in summary; Spring good , Winter bad, and, you are just plain mean. :slight_smile:

The weather person on the local news just said one more real cold night and day – and that should be it for the season. From your mouth to the weather gods’ ears, Kathy Orr.

Ugh, tell me about it! It’s currently 87 degrees and I’ve got the fan going. Crossing my fingers this is just a warm spell and it’ll be back to normal soon.


It´s supposed to be back to normal freezing in a few days, anyway :frowning:
I´d like to say just wait, you´ll be just as happy when spring comes to your place, but don´t Emperor Penguins live at the south pole? :slight_smile: